14 July, 2024

10 Strategies On How To Connect With Business Partners, Influencers And Affiliates

Use these ten strategies to connect relationships with business partners and affiliates…

  1. The most import mindset you must have right from the outset is to immediately address their needs and concerns and not your own. Don’t think about what you personally would like to get from this relationship. Instead, think about what you can offer them and how you can make things easier and better for them during your time working together.
  2. Work on a plan to introduce yourself to them by using a well-prepared strategy to get their attention by communicating awareness of their back story catching their interest by offering something that’s of value to them in their world.
  3. Show them the respect they deserve. After all they have worked hard to get into the position they’re in their market. Appreciate how important their time is and convey your opinion about their expertise and experience.
  4. Listen actively and respond to interesting ideas by letting them know you would love to know.
  5. Communicate regularly and when possible, arrange personal meetings to touch base.Create a weekly newsletter or social media group for updates.
  6. Disclose everything possible so that everyone understands what’s going on and they’re in the loop and up to speed with everything.
  7. Recognise contributions either personally or publicly and show appreciation.
  8. Provide partners and affiliates with samples and materials and ask them for feedback and if they can think of anything that would help them to be successful.
  9. Don’t micromanage other parties. Instead, believe in them and show confidence in their abilities.
  10. 10.Incentivise them by offering a higher commission as a token of your appreciation for all your hard work. And add bonuses when they’ve done an excellent job promoting and selling your products and services.

Using the ten strategies will create opening for you to connect with the right business partners, influencer and affiliates in your market. Just make sure you use the golden rule…  Never ask them to do business with you or to give something to you first. Instead get their interest by making them aware that you have something of value that you can offer them and then nature your relationship with them by following up, being reliable and consistently offering excellent offers that they can create value from in return for helping you.

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