24 June, 2024

3 Great Engagement Tips When Resending To Unopened Emails

Everyone who builds and runs a marketing email list in their business there knows that there will always be a number of those who subscribe to their list who just don’t open their emails. And there are many reasons for this. They might just be too busy, they’re not controlling the amount of emails they’re receiving, your emails have gone into the spam box, or worse still, they’re not interested in your content and what you’re offering them.

Whatever the reason, one way to increase the number of active uses on your email list is to set up a system to resend further emails to those who are not engaging with your email communications.

There are lots of autoresponder email systems from free to get you started start to high priced systems if you’re a serious emailer such as MailChimp, GetResponse and Aweber, to name just a few, which have specific task elements for resending unopened messages to help you get the attention of receivers who don’t open your email.

Here are 3 engagement tips to help you when resending emails…

  1. Be careful about spam: When resending too many emails they can give the impression that your spammy. You should, therefore, give notice of your emails and resend sparingly to give your list enough open time so they see the you first which can explain your reasons for sending and what is coming next. Examples are to let your list know about your latest article, educational content about your product and service, or an upcoming event such as a Zoom session.
  2. Segment your unopened list: When people on your list don’t open your email, a great tactic is to segment your list. An autoresponder system will provide you with the data that will show your clear information on what’s happening to your emails, including how many on your list are actually opening emails and reopening your follow-up emails. You can then spilt these two groups into ‘segments’ and send different email campaign to both, then break a second round of unopened emails down again with different content.
  3. Revitalise unopened emails: What you’re doing here is to change the style, approach and subject matter in your emails. For instance, by adding more curiosity, changes the subject line of your email to get more attention and making it more compelling, or connect to the benefits and what the email means to your reader.

By trying out the 3 tips and committing to measuring and testing your results will help to increase your reopening rates and build better interactions with the people on your email list.

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