23 April, 2024

3 Home Improvement Tips For Attractive Bathroom / En-suite Floor Fittings

Bathrooms and en-suite rooms have gradually evolved over the years to become more than just a functional room in a property but a luxury space to escape to at the start or end of a busy day. And with the right type of speciality flooring fittings it can now become a luxury you can afford.

So when your considering your choice of home improvement for fitting out your flooring for a bathroom / en-suite you will want to consider the various types of attractive flooring to make your bathroom more appealing with pleasing sensual colour schemes to enhance the overall effect of the finished look and feel of your bathroom.

Below are three areas of fittings that you will need to carefully consider to show off your finished bathroom and make it look stylish. And to help give an impression, the attached pictures show recently completed fitting and highlight three quality products suggested to work with. The fitting is to a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and features the following three products:

  1. The bedroom: This displays a fabulous 100% wool carpet called the “Barefoot Bikram” range. The luxury deep pile 100% wool hand loom carpet is ideal for bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms.  It is very soft underfoot and, as the name suggests, great to wake up to and walk on first thing in the day.
  2. The En-Suite: This type of flooring is from a luxury “slip resistant vinyl” which is perfect for bathrooms. The product has the appearance and feel of fabric and yet conveys a cooper coloured “grout effect” which looks great against the carpet. It also gives the appearance of looking expensive but in fact it’s not. It’s great quality and for the price it’s a fabulous purchase.
  3. The door plate: This is a “Premier Range” door plate and is finished in “Antique Brass”.  These plates are made from solid brass and are available in a selection of excellent finishes, such as antique brass, polished brass, chrome, satin chrome and even black.  Although more expensive than the usual door plates, for some fittings they’re an essential show as they really enhance the look of the flooring.

When fitting out your bathroom / en-suite, make sure to consider your own preferences from the wide range of styles and colours available. The three products pictured will suit most bathrooms and are a great start to get you thinking about fashion styles and accessories.

For more information, you can contact our home improvement panel of flooring experts, Mountain & Cowell Flooring, at: www.mountainandcowell.co.uk

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