26 May, 2024

3 Top Tips When Investigating Conflicts At Work

Everyone realises they need to avoid problems when investigating workplace conflict and most business owners run out and start blowing chunks of money because they think that’s how you avoid getting it wrong by having to pay for expensive outside help. But, unless they grasp the critical information in these 3 Investigating workplace conflict tips this article is about to share with you, you’re just storing up trouble for the future.

Tip #1: Delegate Responsibility

The key idea with this is it’s vital to delegate responsibility for investigating the conflict to an appropriate person.

So, here’s what this means to you. If you give an appropriate person the responsibility for investigating the workplace conflict it keeps everything under control.

Business owners need to understand this tip is key because if you don’t delegate the responsibility for investigating the conflict it could become very messy and disjointed.

General advice at this point is to create a list of appropriate people in your business who would accept responsibility for investigating any conflicts that arise.

Tip #2: Appropriate People Are Trained To Follow A Conflict Investigation Process

The big a-ha with this tip is you need to know that if a workplace conflict arises then the appropriate person you assign to investigate is properly trained.

Everyone needs to know this because if your appropriate person who is doing the investigation isn’t trained then they are likely to make mistakes.

This spells the difference between success and failure for everyone because if mistakes are made during the process of investigating a conflict in your business you are ultimately responsible.

You should definitely design and schedule the training of your list of responsible people.

Tip #3: Run Practice Role Play Exercises With Your Trained Staff

Here’s what you need to understand about this: if you don’t often have conflicts in your business your trained staff won’t have the chance to put their training into practice.

This tip means that whenever a workplace conflict arises your trained staff will be ready to implement the investigation stage.

You need to pay attention to this because if your trained staff get rusty then mistakes are more likely to be made and this could result in a non-compliant investigation.

At this point you should create some practice role play examples and run them with your trained staff.

It will amaze you how much more confidently you can accomplish investigating workplace conflict as a business owner just by understanding these 3 tips and using them to your advantage.

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