20 July, 2024

5 Proven Tactics to Increase Your Social Media Following

If you are working hard marketing to grow your social media audience but getting overwhelmed by all the different types of social sites and frustrated that you’re not getting the numbers you’re hoping to engage and follow you, here are five proven tactics that will help build your following and get you more results that you deserve for all your commitment and passion…

1. Take full advantage of your social media profile

It’s must on social media to keep your ‘profile’ fully completed and up-to-date. The reason why is because it says a great deal about you, your presence online and your positioning in your market. This is an extremely valuable piece of internet “real estate” and your business has to fully use the potential of the ‘profile’.

Which means your profile has to be fully completed and It has to well-written, spelling and grammar free copy that explains you unique value and your product and service offers.  And it also needs to introduce people to your brand, image and the value you stand for. So, keep in mind that this is the first contact many people on social media have with you, so take time to write an engaging profile and make sure you regularly return to up date the contents so that it presents you in the best possible light.

2. Promote yourself and your business from your social media sites

Make sure you are including links from each of your various social media sites to your other social media sites that you’re using, and also to other platforms where you have a presence online such as your website, landing pages, Google listings, blogs, and your YouTube Channel.

3. Cross-promote

You can also cross-promote on different social media sites and to share your social media profiles from your website and blog with links back to your social media profiles, along with a taste of the value people can expect from connecting with you. This works best when you offer different exclusive content on each site. For example, you can tell people on Facebook that they can follow you on Twitter to get daily tips, or they can subscribe to your channel on YouTube Channel to watch more video content there.

In addition, pop your link into your email signatures, group forum signatures, and you can also encourage people to connect with you through offline promotional literature and signs.

4. Connect with influencers

This is a really good idea because you can multiply your social media efforts by connecting with in the right way with influencers and enlisting them to tell others about you. An influencer is anyone in your market with a large following who listens to what they have to say. These people are the most active people you see constantly posting and reaching out to people on social media . Which means you can do the same with influencers in your niche or amongst your followers and offer them a deal.Just make sure your communication is about them, not about you and give them some sort of incentive for linking up with you. A good ‘authentic’ and inviting way to do this is to give them a free preview of a new product, service, or piece of content and let them try it for free with the aim to get their feedback and for them to review on their own posts.

5. Take advantage of livestream

Livestream is a feature offered by most social media sites that’s become a great way to connect with your audience via broadcast live video, which means they can tune in to watch it in real-time and interact with you by commenting and posting questions. This helps you to engage your followers and also reach out to new prospects by advertising your livestream on YouTube or in your various social media groups.

In summary, you must not forget that just posting good content, commenting on others’ posts, and interacting in social groups like on Facebook isn’t enough to bring on the exponential growth you’d like to see. You have to plan out what you want to achieve and be proactive with a strategy to increase your social media following. Using these proven tested five tactics will go a long way to helping you achieve your goals, and you’ll be less overwhelmed and frustrated with your social media marketing.

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