18 July, 2024

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Biz’s AV Tech

Businesses rely on audio-visual (AV) equipment to inform their customers and employees. Unfortunately, miscommunication occurs when the technology can’t keep up with your company’s growth. Make sure you stay vigilant and look out for warning signs that you need to upgrade your AV tech. Having a technological issue during an important event is an inconvenience that you don’t want to have to go through. After all, technology is supposed to make sour life easier, not harder. Therefore, do your part by being aware when your tech is screaming for an update. Here are five reasons to upgrade your business’ AV technology to help you discover potential issues.

1. Your Equipment Starts To Fail

Although it seems obvious, some business owners either don’t notice failing equipment or ignore their problems. The latter is true if they don’t have funds to replace their aging AV tech. So, less gets done, or projects take longer to complete because communication methods are unavailable.

In the end, audio visual technology solutions are a key part of your infrastructure to enhance employee productivity and customer relationship management. It goes beyond computer monitors and virtual conferencing. Some experts believe AV tech is the future of workplace branding.

For this reason, you can’t ignore failures or wait until a total collapse before you make changes. If your AV tech doesn’t accommodate your company’s needs, you’ll be dead in the water.

2. Your Business Is Expanding

When you do things right, your business reaches several bursting points in its lifetime. Each one requires a new strategy. For example, you hire more employees, create new products, and upgrade your AV tech. The last is most important when your company expands.

Audio and visual equipment is necessary for additional meeting rooms should you move into a new office. Should hiring remote workers, you need AV tech for virtual conferences and project meetings. Plus, you must upgrade if your marketing team wants to add podcasts and videos.

3. You Introduce New Products

Product introduction isn’t a small event. It requires heavy promotion to educate consumers. AV tech upgrades let everyone know the pain points your product resolves.

Audio-visual equipment is significant when you promote your items at trade shows. Poor sound and video distract potential clients. Consumers assume your products are unsatisfactory when presentations are on sub-standard AV tech. On the other hand, top-notch equipment tells customers you’re serious about helping them.

4. Technology Has Changed

Much has changed in the audio-visual world since the pandemic. Employees and managers spend more time in virtual workspaces. While many companies adapted to the quickly shifting environment, others still haven’t upgraded their AV Tech.

Businesses can’t compete if they can’t communicate among themselves. They don’t expand if their websites, apps, and other customer-facing technology have below-average sound and images. Those that disagree with tech changes are bound to fail.

Admit that the world of technology is never static. It continually changes to accommodate the requests of the public and the commercial world. Once you understand this you’ll notice what AV tech needs upgrades.

5. You Save Money

Same-for-same equipment replacement costs more money. Replacements for older AV tech are harder to find. Under those circumstances, your company pays more to shore up your existing audio-visual infrastructure.

On the other hand, you save money when you upgrade your AV tech. For instance, a five-year-old flatscreen television is heavier than today’s thinner and lightweight models. In another example, you increase communications speeds by replacing coaxial cables with fiber optics.

Yes, these upgrade investments take a lot of money to implement. However, when you perform a cost-benefit analysis, you’ll realize they also have a significant return on investment. Even if you replace the AV tech after a few years, the infrastructure changes last much longer.

How To Determine Your Upgrades

Determining how to upgrade your AV tech isn’t different from how you improve your company’s other facets. Put a team together to review each aspect of your equipment, including the infrastructure (cables, network equipment, internet service provider). Once complete, sit down with your team to come up with solutions.

Avoid choosing the most expensive AV tech without extensive analysis. The priciest monitors, touchscreens, and speakers don’t always translate to the best products. Examine the pros and cons for both your workforce and consumers. Don’t go with the equipment if it can’t address both parties.

The business world runs on change. So, don’t be afraid to upgrade your business’ AV tech to continue on your path to success. In the end, what you select will improve efficiency and customer relations.

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