13 June, 2024

5 Types of Social Media Videos to Boost Your Sales

Video content is now not just mere entertainment content on social media. However, it can also be used for various other purposes, ranging from educational and information delivery media to promotional or marketing purposes.

Most companies use video content as their most powerful medium to attract customer’s attention and increase conversion sales. 

In addition, videos can provide a clearer picture in the presentation of something so that the audience can see the actual function, results, or capabilities of your product or service which can ultimately influence the audience’s decision to buy your product.

However, you need the right platform and type of video to get the most out of your marketing. Social media has become the most effective medium for sharing your marketing videos. In particular, most social media platforms are also video-based content.

So, now you need to determine which videos work most effectively on social media to make your business campaign a success. Here are five types of social media videos to boost your sales:

1. Product Demo Videos

A product demo video is a marketing video that shows how a product or service works in a business. Usually, this type of video is made with a focus on the benefits and advantages of your product. 

The goal is to get the audience to know your brand more closely than competitors. Product videos can be the right choice for your social media marketing because of its power to spread brand awareness to a broader audience.

2. How-To Videos

The types of video content that can also be used for marketing strategies are tutorial or How-to videos. This video content generally aims to provide education to the potential customers you have.

This video shows you various things, including how to use the product or services of your business. In addition to adding informative education, you must also insert a CTA to encourage and guide them in purchasing your products or services.

3. Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are an attractive option for many people these days. Animation can be another great way to introduce a company to a broader audience. Video content in the form of animation can also be used to display your company’s personality.

Moreover, it allows you to summarize complex concepts in a fun and compelling way. It is a powerful way to gain customers’ trust, spread brand awareness, and increase conversion sales. 

Thus, an animated explainer video is a perfect type for your social media marketing or animated commercial to bring a positive company’s image and help to compete in today’s digital business. 

4. Event Videos

How these video marketing works contains recordings or documentation of an event or event from a company or business brand. 

An example of this event marketing video is a video advert for a company’s birthday broadcast on National TV and social media. The goal is to show the credibility of the company.

5. Testimonial Videos

Word of mouth is still the best way to market a product. In today’s digital era, this method has developed into a form that is more flexible and easy to spread widely. It is a video testimonial!

This video type is essential in the word-of-mouth marketing method. These elements are testimonials from people who have used your product or services.

The level of public trust in video testimonials will increase if the person giving the testimonial is someone they know. You can use famous characters with many followers, such as artists, influencers, YouTubers, etc. It can be a powerful type of video for your social media marketing.


In this digital era, times are starting to shift from spending watching videos on television to watching videos through social media channels. You can leverage this to incorporate video marketing content into your business strategy.

However, you need to choose the right type of social media video to attract your customers’ attention. The five social media videos mentioned above can help you stand out among your competitors and succeed in your social media marketing.


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