25 April, 2024

5 Ways To Improve Your Online Marketing Strategy (Part 2)

In this second article on how to improve your online marketing strategies, we take a look at five more ways to help you with your online marketing…

Social Media

Social media marketing strategies could take up multiple article space as a separate topic on its own, and you can see some of these in other blogs on this site, so realise the importance that this subject is to having an online presence. Just know how much time and effort it can take to create and maintain your social presence online and be really smart about which sites you use and how you’re spending your time and focusing on your target audience. Which means you should map out a calendar of events for when to post and be productive when planning your time for when you’re going to socially engage, not just with your posts but by commenting and helping others on their sites.


Webinars have become increasingly popular with online, especially with the uptake in Zoom. They give you a superb platform to give people confidence in you, establish yourself as an expert and create authority and credibility. Webinars are not knew and are a proven selling method, especially for larger priced items and expensive online training packages.

Keywords and Ads

By undertaking some research on the words, phrases and ads that your customer market and your competitors are using will help you to find the exact right words and then include these in your own published online marketing content such as on your targeting leads from your social media, website, blogs, YouTube and Facebook and Instagram ads.

Customer Reviews and Case Study Testimonials

It’s so important to get your customers to give you both reviews and testimonials to enhance social proof and enhance your online reputation. These can be about your products and services which they’ve successfully used, or how they’ve interacted with you and been supported along their journey with you in special ways. And longer written or video case study testimonials provide results-based examples of how would-be customers can get the outcomes they want after using your offers.

Track, Measure and Test

After spending all this time, effort and money setting up and promoting your business online, its important to know how people are responding to your various online platforms, By continuously tracking and monitoring your actions, you’ll be able to measure and test your success which will show you what to should pay attention and focus your time and spend on for your ongoing online marketing strategies. In addition, by setting up an alert system such as Google Alerts this will assist you to keep an eye on what’s happening and therefore you’ll be able to respond both positively and negatively to build you online reputation.

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