24 June, 2024

5 Ways to Jump Start Your Business Growth

Sometimes it can be very frustrating when you want to grow your business and their are so many decisions faced with the latest online ‘shiny objects’ being presented to you which can distract you from choosing the right way to move forward to the next stages for growth. Which means you need to have a system to plan and organise your approach.

Below are 5 key areas focused around your existing customers that you can tap into to give you a solid foundation for a sensible growth strategy.

1. Discover Your Business’s Strengths From Your Customer experience

  • Choose at least 3 ways to get feed back from your customers, because by communicating to your customers you’ll get their honest feedback about your strong points and why they like doing business with you such as your product offers and service support.
  • Believe it or not, your customers know things about your business you don’t know, so reach out and ask them what they think and look for patterns and behaviours
  • Once you’ve working out your strong points, you can then put a strategy in place to leverage the advantages to grow your business

2. Get New Product and Service Ideas

  • By talking to your existing customers they can help you come up with new opportunities and great ideas for new products and services which they would like
  • LinkedIn is a good social media platform to get professional opinion and you can also set up interactive group on Facebook where your customers can comment and discuss with you and with each other to provide both new ideas and for changes you could make that would improve your products and services for business growth

3. Keep making improvements to keep you customers happy and delighted with your offers

  • It may seem obvious, but customers do like to get a speedy response to their both enquiries and a quick delivery. Companies like Amazon has set the bar for distribution and shipping tracking online, so expectations are high for your to not just satisfy but delight your buyers
  • By putting your customers first and interacting with them on a personal level will give you a leg-up on over doing the automation of your process and show your customers that your really do know them well and are acting in the best interests
  • And always deal quickly and consistently when solving customers issues and challenges on by tailoring your response to their individual circumstances to ensure satisfaction

4. Nurture Customer Relationships

In today’s online world, great customer service is now not enough when nurturing your customers. Which means you need to focus your attention on building really strong long-term relationships with your customers by using the online technology available to you such as…

  • Social Media sites to increase your engagement by giving your audience meaningful information so they can comment and interact with you
  • Email Marketing by building an email list you can send your customers regular messages with special content and promotions
  • Zoom meetings are all the rage now and give your customers a chance to interact with you and each other online
  • Develop an App that solves a problem or helps your customers with your service processes or helps them to give you referrals to their family, friends and colleagues
  • Write entertaining and educational articles and blogs for your website and other blogging sites

5. Find Opportunities To Add To Your Customer Database

Always be innovative for looking for new opportunities and ways to bring new prospective customers into your business. For example…

  • Regularly attend different networking groups and events to meet  new prospects
  • Use online ads such as Facebook to get attention and develop interest, and the…
  • Create a system such as an autoresponder for following up and telling people about you and your business and what you have to offer that can benefit and help them

What all this means for you in the next steps for growing your business is really about getting to know your customers well and using creative offline and online research and marketing data to collect information and use it wisely to achieve personal interactions to tailor your product and service offer to individual tastes within your customer base.

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