13 June, 2024

7 things your business can do to attract new customers or clients

Even the most well-known, successful businesses should be doing what they can to attract new customers – getting ‘comfortable’ is a big mistake. Just think, do you ever see Nike or Apple taking a back seat because they already have a cult following?

Your business should always be aiming to reach new heights, that is a fact. We have put together 7 things your business can do to attract new customers or clients.

A strong presence across social media

With over 40% of the world’s population on social media, it is fundamental that you carve out a place for your business. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are the hottest spots, and a presence on either (or all!) of those platforms will shine a light on your business and put your services in front of fresh eyes.

Do not forget about your existing customers

In the rush to attract new customers or clients, it can be easy to forget about your existing ones. A tip from us? Stay humble, and never, ever forget the people that have got you as far as you already are. Word of mouth recommendations is still a powerful way to win new business, so let your existing customers do some of the work for you.

Expand your reach

When a fisherman wants to catch more fish, what do they do? They widen their net… In a similar way, business owners should expand their geographical reach. London, with a population of 9.82 million, is a great place to consider. If you don’t have the resources or manpower to set up a physical office there, why not consider choosing a London virtual office from a reputable company like BE Offices? Attract new customers and clients while working from your current location.

Networking events

While many business owners’ shudder at the idea of attending a professional networking event, there’s no denying that such occasions are highly impactful. It is old, but oh so gold… The next time you see an event pop up in your area, be sure to get your name down on the list. Six degrees of separation is the idea that all people are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other. You never know, your next biggest client might be the cousin of an attendee…

Utilise print materials

Whoever said ‘print was dead’ was lying. The likes of leaflets, posters and brochures are still a powerful way to attract new business – if utilised correctly. In today’s crowded digital field, print has emerged as a trustworthy medium that is able to grab and hold the attention of readers, and therefore, is a fantastic way to get your messages and your services in front of people.

Follow up with people

Has that new acquaintance – the one you met at the summer networking event – forgotten to call you when they said they would? Has that enquiry in your Facebook Messenger app gone cold? Well, make sure you follow up! We all live such busy lives these days, it is easy to get suck into the next thing and forget about the other thing. De careful you do not come across as a pest, but absolutely give a gentle nudge.

Offer discounts, deals and promotions

Everyone, and we mean everyone, loves saving money, especially if it is done in a way that makes people feel special. So, to attract new customers, why not consider setting up an exclusive discount, deal, or promotion? For example, if your business is centred on baby products, why not offer 10% off for new parents that have not yet engaged with you?

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