13 June, 2024
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8 Safety Tips For HMOs During Coronavirus Outbreak by HMO Property Designs

The landlord and tenants of properties, in particular, a house of multiple occupation (HMO), need to stay safe in the spread of the global pandemic. According to the government’s safety measures in HMOs where three or more tenants reside together, tenants and landlords must abide by certain rules.

Guidelines For Landlords

The global pandemic has put more responsibility on the landlords to ensure the safety of their properties. Landlords and Letting agents can also continue to work by following the government’s safety guidelines, and HMO Property Designs is one such example that followed all government’s safety protocols efficiently.

Now let’s see what landlords of HMOs should ensure during coronavirus:

  • Disinfecting The Property: As a landlord, your priority should be to keep the house as clean and disinfected as possible. You can get cleaning services, but in case there are infected tenants, avoid taking outsourced services. Pay special attention to the maintenance of commonly shared space, e.g., sitting area, bathroom, kitchen, etc.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Visits: Don’t visit the property unnecessarily. You can make phone calls to tenants to ensure their well-being and safety is in place. Also, make sure no outsider moves in to place during this challenging time. 
  • Make Sure Tenants Are Abiding By Safety Protocols: The government advised to abide by safety protocols to ensure the safety of landlords, tenants, and cleaning agents. These include wearing face marks, especially when using a shared facility. Constant washing hands and other exposed body parts, e.g., face and arms. Do not hesitate to communicate this to your tenants. 
  • Facilitate With Cleaning Material: Provide sanitizers, detergents, bleaches, etc., to ensure the household’s safety. In case the tenants cannot go out to grab these materials, you have to drop these at their doorstep.

Guidelines For Tenants

Tenants must follow the government guidelines mentioned below:

  • Maintain Social Distancing: Minimize the usage of shared spaces like kitchen and sitting areas. It is better to take your meal from the kitchen and eat in your room. If somebody is already present in these shared facilities, maintain a distance of 1.5 meters.
  • Use Separate Towels: As you are living with other people, try to maintain your hygiene. Use your own bathroom, kitchen, and tea towels; clean them with lukewarm water after a few days. Make sure to keep the bathroom clean after each use. Clean and dry your dishes each time you use them.
  • Be Careful With Laundry: When washing the dirty laundry, ensure you do not shake it. You may disperse the virus in the air by doing this, and any other resident can get infected. Also, do your laundry alone to maintain social distancing and safety protocols. 
  • Inform Landlord In Case Of Infected Tenant: You must inform other tenants or landlords if you have symptoms of the virus. In such a situation, all residents must undergo self-isolation for 10-15 days.

By following the safety guidelines provided by the government, HMOs can ensure the well-being of their residents. Moreover, strictly adhering to these rules will limit the spread of the disease finishes HMO Property Designs.

HMO Property Designs

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