24 June, 2024

A Dozen Great Ideas For Building Powerful Customer Relationships

Use these 12 tactics to enhance your brand and build relationships with your customers to set you apart and make your different from your competition…

  1. Get to know your customers better. This may seem obvious but few businesses actually take the time to do this properly and authentically.  Keep a record of personal information about your customers and then refer to important points when you’re interacting with them. You can ask them questions about them what they do in their spare time and what hobbies they have, etc., as you start conversations and build rapport.
  2. Take every opportunity you can get to surprise and delight them because there’s nothing better that a happy customer. Send them a gift that compliments your product and service with a “just because” message. Create a special discount coupon to celebrate an occasion like New Year.  Tell then they’ve just purchased your 500th product in your new range and to celebrate, we’re going to give it to you for free!
  3. Write a personal email or letter to say thanks for their purchase, that their business is important to you and that you’re excited that they’ve chosen you to have them as a part of what you’re creating in your business. Then you can ask for feedback and anything you can do for them or improve.
  4. Directly ask your customers for their feedback on your products and services. Be genuine and tell them that you would love to know what they thought because their feedback is really important to you for making future improvements. And ask them if they would mind replying to your email answering a few quick questions about what they think of your product and service they received and any suggestions they might have.
  5. Make a quick telephone call to suggest other products and services that they might be interested in by letting them know that you’re taking an interest in them. For example: I noticed you purchased xyz recently and I had a thought this product and service might also work for you. Or, have you seen our new product which would compliment your last purchase?
  6. Forward links in an email to you think might interest them personally. This could be an interesting article you have seen online which reminded you of their business, a blog you have just written and posted on your website, or a video of your new product.
  7. Create  a process documentation and diagram about what they should expect from your business, how you’re providing support for them and let them know that they can expect regular updates, news, and offers via emails.
  8. Use other online platforms to reach out with personal messages such as your social media sites telling them that they can link up with you personally if they need anything.
  9. If a circumstance should arise where you have a complaint or a send a refund, use this  situations as an opportunity to learn about your customer needs, why they made their decision, what you could do to improve and obviously apologise and go to lengths on how you can put it right and what new process you will put in place for them and future purchases.
  10. Create recognition programs that offer discounts to customers who show continued support by letting them know you recognise their support and appreciate them as a loyal customer and in return, you would like to offer a token of your appreciation and help them in return by sending xyz for their continuing support.
  11. Show your support by attending events that high-profile clients are a part of such as talks, workshops, presentations, special yearly business anniversaries and awards. You can also send e-cards in support of the occasions or birthdays.
  12. Focus on saving your customer both time and money. Let them know how serious you are about putting systems in place to make things easier for them because you understand how busy they are and that these bespoke procedures will save them both time and money

With a bit of motivation and imagination you can use all, or a combination of these twelve business relationship building activities with your customers and you’ll be surprised at the results. Just test them out to see!

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