25 May, 2024

Ad Industry Unveils World’s First In-Video Purchase Model

A new patent from a British tech startup could be set to shake up the industry, according to one of the leading lights in the advertising world.

Rob Garber, MD of JustPremium, described the new technology as a “genuine disruption to the industry ecosystem”

“Playrcart allows consumers to buy products and services within a digital advertising unit,” he said.

“This turns our industry on its head. No longer will consumers need to go to corporate websites or navigate through the structural layout of the website to make the purchase of that product or service, now they can do it directly within the advert.”

Playrcart is the brainchild of two Brit entrepreneurs, Glen Dormieux and Richard Mason.

Their patented technology allows a consumer to buy a product directly within a video asset itself, invariably resulting in a surge in the rate of click-through purchases.

“We have just had a highly successful debut with Boots and Liz Earle and we are continuing to test public reaction,” said CEO Glen Dormieux.

“The feedback so far has been exceptional, I think the industry is now realising that this is a pivotal moment.”

“We are excited and happy to see that an incredible concept is now fulfilling promises in the real world.”

The breakthrough software has attracted major and influential financial backers, including Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica and advertising industry legend Peter Scott.

Previously, customers have had to exit to an external site to make purchases or engage with a brand via video content.

Playrcart enables direct purchase, in-video, and all within three clicks.

The founders highlight the fact that numerous ‘calls to action’ can also be embedded. This could include booking a test drive for a new sports car, registering for an eye test, making a charitable donation, or paying for a magazine subscription – all within the ad itself.

“The ramifications for the underlying mechanisms of the ad industry could be significant,” said Glen Dormieux.

“The industry so far seems shocked that few have addressed this area.

“We are in an excellent position going into 2021 and we have some major announcements lined up for the coming months.

“The platform delivers a seamless CTA within the video itself so marketing assets are made to work harder.

“Video can be turned into an immediate storefront for any brand.”

Immediate shopping capabilities are increasingly appealing to consumers who prioritise seamlessness in the online world.

Playrcart is set to expand their range to incorporate integrated direct carrier billing, namely buying a product and adding it to your mobile bill, and also enabling customers to purchase directly within an RCS / 5G-pushed notification.

In technical terms, Playrcart is a video commerce SaaS platform. It enables a consumer to buy the product within the asset itself.

The mechanism can be used by small businesses and blue chips alike, an added appeal of the new technology.

“The success of the initial campaign with Boots and Liz Earle is hugely reassuring to us,” says Glen Dormieux.

“These are fabulous companies and brands, we have been hugely impressed by their diligent approach and intelligent teams.

“Their willingness to explore a new technology speaks volumes about them.”

“2021 is going to be a huge year for us all.”

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