28 May, 2024

Amazon Filters Secures 98% Automation in Cybersecurity with CloudGuard MXDR’s Intervention

Against the backdrop of intensifying cyber threats within the manufacturing arena, Amazon Filters, a distinguished manufacturer of customised filtration solutions in the UK, has fortified its cybersecurity stance by forming a strategic partnership with CloudGuard’s Protect Plus MXDR service.

Prompted by the inadequacies of traditional security measures and the rise in ransomware attacks afflicting their sector, Amazon Filters undertook a rigorous evaluation of their cybersecurity tactics, leading to the selection of CloudGuard’s MXDR offering.

“The threat landscape is evolving rapidly, and it’s imperative for organisations to adapt,” stated Amazon Filters’ IT Manager. “CloudGuard’s MXDR service has been a game-changer for Amazon Filters. From providing a clear roadmap for cybersecurity improvement to seamlessly integrating with our existing infrastructure, it’s been a transformative experience.”

CloudGuard’s MXDR, standing for Managed eXtended Detection and Response, advocates a forward-thinking approach to cybersecurity by consolidating security data, leveraging artificial intelligence for detection, and automating the analysis and remediation of threats. Its effortless integration with Amazon Filters’ predominantly Microsoft infrastructure ensures instantaneous visibility into potential threats throughout their network.

“The deployment of CloudGuard’s MXDR service marked a significant milestone in Amazon Filters’ cybersecurity journey,” expressed the IT Manager. “Automation is at the heart of CloudGuard’s Protect Plus MXDR service, which has only strengthened our security posture but also saved us time and resources.”

Over a three-month span, automation addressed 98% of alerts, equating to a substantial saving of at least 52 days when compared to manual intervention. The proactive support from CloudGuard following the deployment has further solidified Amazon Filters’ confidence in the MXDR service.

“With CloudGuard as our security partner, we feel confident in our ability to navigate the evolving threat landscape and protect our business effectively,” further noted the IT Manager.

As Amazon Filters looks to the future, the adaptability of CloudGuard’s services is deemed crucial for effectively meeting their changing security demands, cementing CloudGuard’s role in their ongoing cybersecurity plan.

The collaboration with CloudGuard and the integration of the Protect Plus MXDR service have elevated Amazon Filters’ security infrastructure and established automation as a key pillar of their security strategy, safeguarding their digital assets, data, and operational integrity.

For more information about CloudGuard’s MXDR service, visit CloudGuard’s website or read the full case study here.


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