26 May, 2024

Anbio Advances “Point of Care” Diagnostic Technology in European Markets

Anbio Biotechnology is expanding its footprint in Europe with the introduction of the AF-100 C, an innovative compact fluorescent immunoassay analyser destined to transform the landscape of point-of-care diagnostics. Featuring an impressive catalogue of over 70 assays, the AF-100 C is set to enhance the operational capabilities of EU healthcare practitioners, improving patient diagnosis and care.

Anbio Biotechnology (Anbio), a renowned leader in the global in vitro diagnostics sphere, is pleased to launch its extensive “Point of Care” product range across the European Union. This significant venture opens new collaborative pathways with EU distributors and healthcare providers, underscoring Anbio’s dedication to equipping the EU market with innovative diagnostic tools.

Anbio is celebrated for its pioneering spirit and quality, surpassing its identity as a provider of Covid test kits to become a versatile producer and innovator of a wide spectrum of diagnostic devices. “Our mission is to revolutionize diagnostics by offering tailored and accessible solutions, including laboratory, wellness, at-home, and point-of-care diagnostics. We are committed to affordability and continuous innovation in life sciences that serve to advance human heath,” said Michael Lau, CEO of Anbio.

Innovative Analyzer Delivers Over 70 Essential Diagnostic Tests

Leading Anbio’s charge into the EU is the AF-100 C analyzer, a cutting-edge, single-channel, handheld, rechargeable compact fluorescent Immunoassay (FIA) analyzer. This powerful piece of equipment, along with over 70 CE-marked assays for a diverse range of analytes such as inflammation markers, diabetes, cancer markers, hormones, enzymes, and infectious diseases, is poised to redefine clinical diagnostics within the EU.

“The Anbio AF-100 C is a game-changer for clinical diagnostics, supplying healthcare providers with a cost-effective, comprehensive, and reliable solution for rapid point-of-care testing,” Lau remarked. Compact yet capable of high throughput, the AF-100 C is ideally suited for a variety of healthcare settings, from small clinics to bustling emergency rooms. Its straightforward interface and durable battery, capable of up to 8 hours of continuous testing, enable healthcare workers to provide top-notch patient care with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

Fast and Reliable Diagnostics to Improve Patient Health Outcomes

Anbio’s extensive FIA range, capable of delivering quick results within 3 to 15 minutes, heralds a new era in diagnostic technology. With reagents equipped with RFID chip technology for precise results and a shelf life of up to 24 months at room temperature, Anbio is ready to meet the European healthcare sector’s immediate needs.

As Anbio Biotechnology establishes its presence in the EU marketplace, it invites distributors and healthcare professionals to explore its state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions. With a commitment to enhancing patient care through cost-effective, precise, and reliable diagnostics, Anbio looks forward to forming partnerships with healthcare experts across the EU.


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