13 June, 2024

Andera Partners teams up with Clean Planet Energy to fuel French ecoPlants

On the 29th of June, it was announced that Clean Planet Energy and Andera Partners have joined together in order to convert toxic and unusable waste plastics into recycled and environmentally-friendly products throughout France, via the creation and implementation of three ecoPlants.Recent French law has dictated that the country is intending to reach a 100% circular economy for plastics by 2025, meaning that products are designed for maximum use over a long period of time, rather than being designated to landfill shortly after production. Currently, a large percentage of plastics in France are disposed of, with only 24.2% of French plastic being recycled. Once an item enters landfill, it’s either incinerated or abandoned. By working together to convert waste plastics into fuels and recycled products, Andera Partners and Clean Planet Energy are putting themselves at the heart of France’s green revolution.

The CEO of Clean Planet Energy, Bertie Stephens, said “Our partnership with Andera Partners supports our vision for clean oceans and clean air,” going on to discuss the partnership’s targets for the future. This includes “developing ecoPlants that each convert over 20,000 tonnes of plastic a year into ultra-clean circular fuels” and encouraging a 75% reduction in CO2e emissions entering the atmosphere during the fuel production process. These leaps forward play a significant role in cleaning the atmosphere and helping companies in related industries to stick to an environmentally-friendly ethos.

The partnership intends to invest in three ecoPlants in France, with the first becoming active as soon as mid-2023. By reclaiming waste plastic from landfills and similar sites and converting it into efficient and low-emission fuel, the positive impacts should be seen almost as soon as the first plant comes online. In addition to fuel, the plants aim to produce green naphtha, a key material in producing more durable plastics that are viable for long-term consumption.

In addition to supporting Andera Partners in this venture, Clean Planet Energy has started construction on similar ecoPlants in the UK, seeking to assist in the reduction of emissions and waste across Europe.

Michael Alan


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