13 June, 2024

Are Skin care products worth spending a fortune on?

Why is skin care necessary?

Good skin care is important because it helps your skin stay in excellent condition: You’re shedding skin cells throughout the day, so it’s important to keep your skin glowing and in good condition. An effective routine can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and help keep your skin looking at its best. When you grow old, the cell turnover slows down that’s why you need a skincare routine to cope with this.

Spending on Skin Care Products

Spending on skin care products depends from person to person. The most important factor that plays here is the need. If, because of an accident; somebody has a burnt skin or a problem due to a disease, one must opt for the care definitely. But otherwise, depending on the necessity, proceed further with it.

If the products you use are a necessity for you and have money to spend on it, you must opt for it. But, if it is not really necessary, and it is all being done to look good only, then one must seriously think about it. Rather should avoid this unnecessary burden on your pocket. The problem with skin care products is that due to various price ranges, some companies might charge you a bomb. But many times we miss out on discounts, which helps in curtailing our budgets. So try to settle for a product which costs less and works the same for you (only that it doesn’t harm your skin).

Why you don’t need to spend a lot on skincare

Expensive always does not mean that is better or worth it. These proprietary ingredients can be pricier as they are rare, but that does not mean they are more effective. Often, we have not researched enough or do not have the scientific evidence that these ingredients are worth their offering.

But it is worth mentioning that some ingredients that are great for skin are expensive or very far from us.  Ginseng root, is great for wrinkly face and for firming the skin and we usually find it in colder climate for example Korea, Russia, etc. Another example of a great product for skincare is mugwort (Artemesia vulgaris) is a great ingredient for treating dry skin as well as eczema and irritated skin and the last example of super beneficial ingredient for skin is Centella Asiatica; this ingredient is for increasing collagen in skin and is found in India and in moist climate

All these ingredients are a Holy Grail for skin and can be very expensive to afford and process, as well as buying products with heavy concentration of these ingredients can be very hectic.


A lot of ingredients that are great for skin are super inexpensive as well and easy to source and buy their super concentrated version of skincare, for example, honey. Honey is antibacterial and great for oily skin and a natural humectant. We can look for any sites that are offering great discounts on skin care for e.g. the glossier discount codes.

Green Tea

Green tea has tons of skin benefits like it treats acne reduces redness and irritation and also moisturizes skin

Aloe Vera

Amazing effects of Aloe Vera as an ingredient for supporting collagen production can be noticed, if one uses regularly. It is anti-inflammatory, thus reduces acne and gently calms the skin.  It is also an excellent toner for most skin types and lightens, the dark spots on the skin.


Great suggestions from Melanie Rud Chadwick came into observation; that antioxidants serum keeps the skin healthy and can ward off the anticipated damaged, even before they start. As they comprise highly concentrated active ingredients, so one can invest in them.


Dr. Carqueville notes it is not worth spending vast sums on these as most of the moisturizers have same basic ingredients, so what are you paying for? Is it the packaging or the fragrance or may be designer name. So be careful when going for it. Similar is the case for most of the cleansers, which are made up of very inexpensive ingredients but are being charged highly for their glossy packaging or name.


Here I also believe that one can spend by doing little research. As this directly protects your skin, it is worth investing in this even if it is a little costly. You should try to get an ample knowledge of what is sunscreen and what is sunblock. The major difference being that sunblock reflects off the sunrays falling on your skin, thereby not allowing the rays to penetrate your skin.


In conclusion, we can understand that more ideas related to skin problems like acne or eye circles darkness and the list goes on; can be discussed here, but this is such a vast topic that may require hundreds of pages that can be written, debated and discussed. One must have a balanced approach when pursuing to spend on skin care products. Because skin is very sensitive and the outermost layer of your body, it needs to be protected. There are so many complexities because of the current lifestyle that we have opted for is the problem. In big cities, where there are so many unnatural pollutions that we are exposed to daily has created this demon problem.

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