20 July, 2024

Best Smart Home Devices To Make Your Life Easier In 2022

Today, science and technological advancements have soared high to unimaginable levels. One of the most significant changes that technology has brought into our lives in the 21st century is smart devices powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence

These devices not only make our lives easier but also improve the quality to a large extent. Apart from day-to-day usage, smart devices are used in escape rooms, shopping malls, theatres, airports, train stations, and so on.  

People often shy away from using smart devices at home because they feel unlike the public places mentioned above, smart devices do not have proportionate utility when tallied against the cost. Yes, it is true that these devices fall under the category of luxury more than necessary, but so are wheels someday. The way of evolution is only forward, and there is no shame in trying to keep up. 

If you are confused as to which home smart devices are worth a try, check out these top 10 picks by us: 

Best smart home devices to try out in 2022 

While the internet will provide you with an overwhelming number of choices, check out our list below to choose the perfect one for your home today!  

  • Google Nest Wi-Fi 

Starting at approximately £149, the Google Nest Wi-Fi router is voted to be one of the best mesh Wi-Fi routers that you can avail in the market today. For people who love to browse the internet from every corner of their home, be it from their mobiles or laptops, this device is a must! The entire process of setting up the device is also easy and hackle-free.  

It is designed with the capability of spreading out signals evenly throughout your house, even though you may have thick walls or inconvenient layouts. Not only does the Google Nest Wi-Fi acts as a hub for your internet browsing activities, but it also acts as a speaker for your home! It also has an in-built voice control option spreading its reaches all across your home, making your house smart in no time.  

  • Philips Hue 

With built-in voice assistant options like Alexa, Google Assistant, or HomeKit, Philips Hue can be a great choice for the best smart lights to deck up your home. The installation process is not tough and can be done by you easily. It provides a huge range of products for you to choose from with bulbs, lamps, and even exterior lights to decorate your smart home. The lights come in a huge variety of colors and effects to choose from as per your desire.  

However, much like anything else, the Philips Hue series also comes with its pitfalls. It requires a separate hub if you want to control the lighting, sitting away from your home. Being one of the best smart lights available in the market, it is naturally an expensive purchase for you. But on the bright side, you can even customize your lights to turn off or on at a certain time of the day.  

  • Amazon Echo Studio 

One of the best smart speakers available in the market today is undoubtedly the Amazon Echo Studio. Integrated with Alexa voice assistant to serve your multifaceted needs, make sure to check it out today. The installation process is extremely easy for you to do yourself.  

Following successful installation, you can then enjoy immersive Dolby Atmos sound, making your home come to life. In contrast to Google or Apple smart speakers available in the market, it is a much cheaper option for you. Voted to be one of the best speakers provided by Amazon, this bombastic speaker has smart audio considerations too!  

The 3D audio effects are probably the most remarkable part of this speaker, which has the power to instill life into your cinematic or musical experience at home. You can also connect it seamlessly to your Amazon Fire TV for a delightful experience.  

  • Adobe Smart Security Kit 

Ranging from approximately £299, the Adobe Smart Security Kit can be easily integrated with your Alexa, Google Home, or HomeKit. It has wireless sensors and cameras, which can be easily installed by you at home. Using these sensors and cameras, you can now seamlessly monitor them from your smartphone or even choose to pay a monitoring service to do the work.  

With the Adobe Smart Security Kit, you can now detect when a door or window is opening or if there is any kind of motion in your house during your absence. To make them work with more efficiency, you can even integrate the security kit into other smart devices in your home. Following this, your security system can even dictate when the connected gadgets will turn on or off.  

  • Arlo Cameras 

Are you looking for the best smart security cameras in the market? Well, check out these Arlo cameras now! This device can be easily integrated with powerful voice assistant services like Alexa, Google Home, and HomeKit. With this smart security camera installed in your home, you can easily keep a strict check on your house. Starting from keeping an eye on your kid to getting an alert when anything is out of place, these cameras can be your new bodyguard! 

Even though you can find different security cameras in the market today, the Arlo Cameras is your best choice. The cameras are dainty and have sufficient battery power to guard your house. You can even record high-definition footage of even 4K with the use of these cameras. Not just that, but they are also smart enough to identify people from nature and animals.  

  • Eve Energy 

The list of smart appliances for your home does not just end at speakers, security, or lighting, but now in the age of technology, even your plug can be smart! This Voice Assistant-enabled smart plug can be easily installed by you at your home. With the Eve Energy smart plug, you can now even monitor energy consumption efficiently. Thus, it can be especially helpful for you to cut down on your daily energy usage. 

This amazing smart plug is also compatible with your Apple HomeKit and provides thread support (a built-in wireless technology). Unfortunately, it does not support Alex or Google Assistant support and can be an expensive option to go for. But rest assured, with this smart plug, automating your home is so easy! 

  • Eufy Video Doorbell 2K 

This easy-to-install and use smart video doorbell can be added as the last touch for your smart house. Providing extensive Alexa and Google Assistant support, this smart doorbell can record videos in 4:3 ratio at full 2K resolution. However, it does not support HomeKit voice assistants. It provides the perfect combination of reliability, price, and performance to users.  

You can use this doorbell without any subscription, as the video is automatically uploaded on the 16GB memory in the base station. This battery-enabled doorbell can be especially great for people living on rent and thus unable to use their old doorbell. The smart doorbell works on a wireless mode, operating through your hub to connect to your router.  

  • Sonos One 

Starting at approximately £199, the Sonos One can be a great choice for your next best smart speaker. These speakers can not only play music, read the news, update your shopping list but can also be paired to work with lights, plugs, and other gadgets. Connect your speaker to the rest of your gadgets, thus enabling you to control them all at once. You can either control them individually or even as a home automation unit.  

This speaker can be easily integrated with both Alexa and Google Assistant, providing you with more than one voice assistant option. It provides the user with immensely powerful sound effects and works on wireless mode.  

  • Google Nest Hub Max  

The Google Nest Hub Max is a smart display integrated with your Google Assistant and can be easily installed at home. It offers users an excellent display alongside providing them with a good speaker. The design of this smart display is neat and modern. The Google Nest Hub Max is nothing but a compact version of the Google Next Hub.  

It also has a front-facing camera, and you can even plug it into the Google-owned Nest platform. You can even use it to connect to the rest of the smart devices present in your home and control them thereby.  

  • Nest Learning Thermostat  

Packed with Google voice assistant and possessing a stunning design, the Nest Learning Thermostat is a great buy. Once installed by a professional, you can continue to operate it easily at home. With the help of machine learning, Nest has achieved the unimaginable via this gadget.  

The device can intelligently detect the heating schedule in your home and heat up or cool down your home as required. However, the Nest Learning Thermostat does not support HomeKit, unlike various other smart thermostats available in the market today. Furthermore, it does not even allow the user an option for zonal control to help them adjust the temperature of each room separately. Despite these pitfalls, this smart thermostat remains one of the best ones that you can avail of today!  

  • August Wi-Fi Smart Lock 

These Wi-Fi locks from August are powerful, convenient, and amazingly compact. They easily allow you to upgrade your locks and doors by pairing them with an elegant and savvy keypad. You can remotely lock and unlock your door, provide online/virtual guest keys, check your door’s status anytime, select your favorite voice assistant to command your deadbolts, and even see those coming and going from a distance. The built-in Wi-Fi needs no additional connection bridge and lets you add a keycode for easy access. And what makes these clever locks better and more comfortable to use in your daily life is their easy to install feature that makes them attach to your door’s current bolt lock on the inside. So in this way, you can also keep your former keys. 

  • Samsung SmartThings 

Experience the feeling of tech-savvy synced services in your lifestyle through Samsung SmartThings. It comes with incredible trendy insights that enhance your living experience inside and outside your home. You can customize devices, simplify your home settings at-a-glance, and tailor them according to your needs through the convenient and easy-to-maintain clever and elegant features of this device. So, whether it is a movie night or your idea to take a break from work, you can rely on this innovative gadget to let you experience the best moments at your home. 

  • Hauschen Home Spectro LED Bathroom Mirror 

The bathroom mirror series by Hauschen will make a fine addition to your home. Available in plenty of dimensions and features, you can select the one that can fit and accommodate perfectly on your bathroom wall. The LED light feature allows you to adjust the lighting from 20% to 100%. You can also choose the brightness and white light intensities for your bathroom, like 3000K warm white, 4200K neutral white, or 5500K daylight. It also has anti-fog and no flicker functions that help keep reflection images clean and a fantastic design with simple instructions that makes it easy to set and turn on anytime. 

  • WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Plug 

You can now control your electronics and devices like tablets, laptops, and phones via the WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Plug. It relies on your home’s existing Wi-Fi network service to provide the wireless control of your home appliances like fans, lamps, wall lights, etc. It has a compact and convenient design that allows you to schedule your lights and exercise control of your house no matter where you are. And the best part? You don’t need any hub or extra subscription for it. It is also super easy to use, and after installing it, you can control your home via the WeMo app, Google Assistant, Apple Toolkit, or Amazon Alexa. 

  • Samsung Smart Top Load Super Speed Wash Washer/Dryer 

You can now get your chores and work at home done without breaking a sweat using the Samsung Top Load Washer/Dryer. Its heavy-duty load feature allows you to fit in more clothes and reduce your laundry time. And the SuperSpeed Wash provides you with optimized service that helps wash extra loads of dirty laundry in 28-minutes without compromising the performance. The integrated Wi-Fi feature provides you with the end-of-cycle alerts and remote start, stop, and schedules that you can carry out using your smartphones. 

  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 

This tech-savvy device is hardwired to make your living experience at home convenient, stress-free, and relaxing. It delivers uninterrupted power and protection services with an addition of other benefitting elements that gives it an extra dimension. Its 3D Motion Detection provides more precise notifications, while Quick Replies lets you play a pre-recorded message when you cannot receive the door. You can also see who stops by your door and check your package deliveries via the 1536p HD Head to Toe Video facility. Easy to install and use, you can also operate it through Amazon Alexa. 

  • Kohler Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead and Wireless Speaker 

Make each of your shower experience a memorable and immersive sensory adventure using the Kohler Moxie wireless showerhead and speakers. The showerhead provides a light, luxurious, and full coverage spray that you can pair with your smartphone or another device via Bluetooth. And the IPX7-rated speaker is waterproof and comes with high-class audio facilities that further elevate your shower moments and make it a fun and relaxing activity. Since it is detachable from the magnetic showerhead, you can also carry the speaker anywhere outside the shower space, whether on the beach, park, or backyard. 

  • Ember Smart Mug 

Try the world’s first-ever temperature-controlling mug at home. With the Ember Smart Mug, you can enjoy your drinks in your style and preference and kickstart your day with a perfect cup of tea or coffee. The patented technology of Ember instilled in this mug helps you set the accurate temperature for your hot beverage so that your drinks say hot and yummy from the first to the last drop. Its extended battery life is long-lasting that comes with a movable charging coaster which you can use throughout the day. You can use your Ember mug through your smartphone by pairing it with the Ember app. 

  • Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link HP02 Purifier Fan 

The only air purifier and heater in one, the Dyson Pure Hot + cool HP02, is a scientifically tested smart residence device to prevent small pollutants, bacteria, and viruses from entering your home. It can simultaneously purify and heat a room and works at a conveniently fast rate. The purifier fan can go beyond standard testing as it detects even ultrafine traces of pollutants, thereby capturing them and projecting purified and heated air to keep your house safe. Perfect for keeping your home free from air pollution and providing fresh and clean air for breathing, the intuitive technology and working of the Dyson purifier fan will not disappoint you. 

  • Revolution InstaGLO R180 2-Slice Smart Toaster 

Using the Revolution InstaGLO R180 Smart toaster, you can say goodbye to the old-fashioned slow toast making; and revolutionize your cooking by making it easier, faster, and more comforting. Its heating system has a high-performance capacity and sears the bread without making it dry, thus giving you a delicious toast with a soft inside and crispy outside. You can choose from the 5-toasting options according to the bread type to achieve the perfect level of toastiness in one go. It is also suitable for making bagels, pastries, waffles, English muffins, etc. 

  • Google Nest Thermostat 

Easy to program and install, the Nest Thermostat by Google can be a fine new addition to your smart home. Designed to monitor your systems and fine-tune your comfort, it helps you save energy at home in a non-intuitive way. Using it, you can save your electricity bills by 15% on the cooling bill and an average of 10% to 12% on the heating bill. The system comes with easy-to-understand features and instructions that lets you install the thermostat by yourself. Also, you can control it from anywhere and get notifications to keep track of how much energy you use every day and how you can reduce it. 

  • Apple HomePod Mini 

The Apple HomePod Mini has plenty of attractive and trendy features to offer you that will amplify your living experience at home. Its speakers have easy Siri voice assistance and elegant home control elements that you can rely upon any day. The solid audio performance has a rich bass and ecstatic highs that deliver a transparent and enjoyable mono audio experience. You can also group multiple speakers with it and use them as stereo pairs. Available with Apple Home app integration for better controls, it makes for the perfect speaker if you have a deep interest in Apple/HomeKit/iOS systems.  

  • Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro 

Enjoy perfect cooking control and a super convention baking system with the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro. The Element IQ lets you roast for a large gathering in easy and convenient ways, air-fry crispy snacks like French fries, chips, cutlets, and dehydrate various healthy meals in quick and simple steps. It comes equipped with a super convection setting that reduces your cooking and preparation time by 30%. Providing 13 smart cooking functions from air-fry to grilling, roasting, and dehydrating, this oven uses a greater air volume for even heat distribution and quick cooking. 

  • GE Profile Opal 2.0 Nugget Ice Maker 

Look no further if you are looking for the perfect ice maker because the refrigerated ice won’t satisfy you. The GE Profile Opal 2.0 icemaker eliminates the hassle of having a water tank for an outside water source to make ice and has rapid production features that let you enjoy your first batch of ice within 20-minutes. You will never run out of nugget ice because this ice maker has a powerful capacity and working ability to produce a pound of ice per hour (and holds 48 ounces of ice at a time). You can also pair it with the SmartHQ app using the built-in Wi-Fi feature to get notifications and device status. 

  • LG French Door Smart Refrigerator 

These new ranges of LG refrigerators make for terrific cooling devices that keep your food fresh for a long time. Available in several sleek and stylish designs, the French Door Smart refrigerator by LG adds elegance, luxury, and comfort to your kitchen. They have ConvertiblePLUS, door cooling features, and Inverter Linear Compressor that solve your storage space problem and create the perfect food temperature for your stored items. And it can keep food fresh for up to 14-days and your fridge refreshed and long-running by simultaneously saving energy at your home. 

Investing in smart gadgets is definitely a pricey thing. However, once installed, your smart home can make your life much easier than ever before, giving you the power of controlling all your gadgets in one hand. It is advisable that you look for devices that also offer you the manual mode option, just in case. 

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