25 April, 2024

Best Ways to Make Your Wooden House Bathroom Look More Spacious

A wooden house is a dream home for most of you. Made of great materials, you can use these sturdy insulated log cabins to live in and pass them to the next generations. It is a great investment that has various intelligent design tricks. However, you can make it 100% your own by customising it according to your preferences.

The bathroom is also one of the areas that you can customise and can not ignore. You can increase the value of your home by giving your little time to the bathroom’s design. To make them look more spacious, go through the tips below:

Use Wall Storage and Hidden Storage

Excessive clutter can make a bathroom space look smaller. So, give everything extra or unnecessary like makeup, cleaning products, towels, or toilet rolls a proper place. Use clever storage solutions like wall-mounted rails, drawer inserts, or shelves over the bathroom door. In addition, corral daily essentials onto various trays to keep them readily available and tidy.

Other than this, use magnetic strips in the cabinets to manage razors, tweezers, and other easy-to-forget pieces. Also, use distinct types and shapes of fitting to offer full-facility with limited space consumption. Moreover, it is a brilliant idea to use every corner and nook of the bathroom.

For example, use an angular model instead of using a regular washbasin. It will perfectly fit in the bathroom corner and leave the bathroom centre spacious in the Wooden house.

Choose Light Furniture

Large furniture items in the bathroom can make it look messy and congested. So, always purchase furniture pieces that complement the bathroom space scale. It would be best to add a simple vanity unit and a storage rack to the bathroom design. You can either rest them on the bath edge or hang them on the bathroom wall.

However, choosing smaller items does not mean you can’t showcase your personality. For example, you can paint the storage rack or vanity in your favourite shade but make sure it matches with bathroom interiors.

The limited footprint must not affect your creative flair. So, if the bathroom has limited space, choose freestanding storage units so that you can move them any time you want.

Declutter and Keep it Minimal

If there is more stuff in the bathroom of your log house, it will look smaller and messy. So, it would be best to get rid of unnecessary clutter or items that you don’t use much. For example, place fewer towels, toiletries, bathing soaps, shampoos, or other useful things in the bathroom. Then, you can refill them with time.

Instead of hanging multiple small art pieces in the bathroom, hang large wall art. Furthermore, create a minimal look as much as you can. In addition, place any item you don’t need on the counter directly in the closet or vanity for future use. As a result, your bathroom space will look open, less cluttered, and better because it will look cleaner.

Closing Thoughts

These are some smart design tricks that you can implement in your bathroom in the wooden house. However, there are many more tips, such as using scaling wall covering, patterned tiles for floors, replacing shower curtains, etc. So, anything that creates a good ambience without taking up much space is what you need.

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