18 July, 2024

Breakthrough AI Technology Promises to Increase Cancer Survival Rates in the US

In a momentous breakthrough, a leading UK doctor, Dr Bea Bakshi, is set to unveil a revolutionary cancer detection system that is expected to save millions of lives. Speaking at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conference in Chicago, Dr Bakshi, the co-founder and CEO of the UK-based cancer detection system C the Signs, will showcase how artificial intelligence (AI) technology has transformed early cancer diagnosis and significantly improved survival rates.

The groundbreaking study, involving 118,677 patients, demonstrated the effectiveness of the highly sensitive C the Signs system in detecting cancer in real-world settings. The study revealed that the system accurately detected cancer during risk assessment, enabling timely intervention. Additionally, it showcased the system’s accuracy in identifying the origin of the cancer, thereby assisting doctors in directing patients to the appropriate treatment departments.

Dr Bakshi expressed her excitement about the study’s results, stating, “The accuracy of using AI technology in a real-world setting is extremely promising. With over 100,000 patients involved in this study, we achieved phenomenal results. Moreover, as the system continues to evolve, we have additional unpublished data that demonstrates even better outcomes, which we will disclose soon.”

She further added, “We envision a future where every patient can overcome cancer with the help of this AI prediction technology. This represents the most intelligent approach to defeating cancer.”

Among the 118,677 patients who underwent risk assessment with C the Signs, 7,295 were diagnosed with cancer. The system successfully identified 7,056 of these patients as being at risk of cancer, exhibiting a remarkable 96.7% sensitivity for cancer detection. Furthermore, C the Signs demonstrated a negative predictive value of 97.2%, effectively ruling in or ruling out cancer.

In cases where cancer was diagnosed following risk assessment, the C the Signs system accurately identified the origin of the cancer in 85.6% of patients.

The C the Signs platform is already being utilized by over 1,000 primary care practices and 15,000 healthcare professionals in the UK. Dr Bakshi and her team have now expanded their system to the US, forging partnerships with American health systems.

The presentation of this study coincides with the relaunch of the Cancer Moonshot initiative by the White House and President Biden. The initiative’s next phase, known as CancerX, aims to reduce cancer mortality rates. C the Signs is proud to be one of the founding members of CancerX, alongside other prominent organizations.

Dr Bakshi firmly believes that C the Signs’ AI technology will play a pivotal role in achieving the ambitious goal of reducing cancer deaths by 50% by 2040, as set by the CancerX partnership.

The collaborative efforts of CancerX, which involve multiple stakeholders, are deemed essential in harnessing digital innovation to combat cancer. Through this partnership, best practices will be established, capacity will be built, and the impact of innovation on cancer patients’ lives will be demonstrated.

The results of the C the Signs study were unveiled by Dr Bakshi at the ASCO conference at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago on Monday, 5th June. More details about the study can be found here: https://meetings.asco.org/abstracts-presentations/219520.

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