15 June, 2024

Burstner – From Furniture Workshop to Motorhome Leader

Founded in 1924 in the quaint town of Kehl, southwestern Germany, Burstner began as a humble furniture workshop. Over nearly a century, this company has evolved into a premier manufacturer of motorhomes, driven by an enduring passion for innovative and practical design. Burstner’s commitment to delivering unparalleled service and unique motorhomes has solidified its reputation in the industry.

The Journey of Burstner Motorhomes

In 1958, Gerhart Bürstner, the founder’s son, envisioned a bright future for mobile home holidays. This vision led to a collaboration with a local company specialising in chassis solutions, resulting in the development of a framework for first-class furnishings in motorhomes. The introduction of the Dolphin motorhome in 1961 marked a significant milestone, with its success prompting Burstner to focus on caravan production from 1966. Despite this shift, the company’s dedication to excellent furniture design remained steadfast.

Transition to Motorhomes

The diversification of Burstner’s operations began in 1986, with a strategic move towards constructing mobile homes. Utilizing the Fiat Ducato chassis, Burstner transitioned from caravan production to manufacturing alcove model motorhomes. This expansion of the business has continued to thrive in western Germany.

Factory and Workshop Locations

Burstner’s main workshop and factory are situated in Kehl am Rhein, near the picturesque town of Baden in the rural Kehler district of Germany. Additionally, the service centre and showroom are located in Neumühl, just 2 kilometers east of Kehl.

Who Owns Burstner?

Hymer AG, one of Europe’s largest caravan and motorhome manufacturers, is the proud owner of Burstner. Based in Bad Waldsee, Germany, Hymer AG encompasses several brands, including Burstner and Elddis. Established in 1923, Hymer has a rich history, producing its first caravan in 1956. The company expanded by acquiring Burstner in 1998 and Elddis in 2017. Hymer AG operates factories in Germany, France, Italy, and Canada.

Manufacturing Excellence

Burstner motorhomes are meticulously crafted in Kehl, across the Rhine from Strasbourg. Renowned for their exceptional quality, both Burstner motorhomes and mobile homes have garnered acclaim, particularly among UK customers who appreciate the high-quality service provided.

The Quality and Innovation of Burstner Motorhomes

Burstner offers an impressive array of motorhomes, from affordable models perfect for travel enthusiasts to luxurious options designed for ultimate comfort. Known for their practical and innovative designs, Burstner motorhomes feature a variety of fittings and colour options, ensuring a personalised and home-like experience on the road.

Design and Comfort

Burstner excels in combining state-of-the-art design with user-friendly environments, creating relaxing spaces for holiday enjoyment. Each model boasts exceptional detail, advanced technology, and superior design. Whether you seek a basic motorhome for adventures or a high-end model for lavish travel, Burstner ensures you find the perfect fit.

Why Choose Burstner?

When you purchase a Burstner motorhome, you are investing in a product that marries style and innovation with practicality and reliability. Burstner’s commitment to excellence extends beyond their products to include efficient and friendly customer service. Choosing Burstnermeans choosing quality, comfort, and a trusted name in the motorhome industry.

Burstner’s rich history, innovative designs, and dedication to quality make it a leader in the motorhome market. From its humble beginnings in Kehl to becoming a renowned name under Hymer AG, Burstner continues to impress with its range of motorhomes that cater to diverse needs and preferences. Experience the excellence of Burstner motorhomes and embark on your next adventure with confidence and style.