24 June, 2024
Executive Concierge

Business in Style: Executive Concierge Services for the Elite

Travelling for business can be empowering and exciting – fun even. But it can also sometimes put you on the back foot as you are operating in unfamiliar territory. When you are away from home, you have no home base, no place in which you are the host and can control events. Or, at least, that used to be the case. Today, there is no reason why a businessperson from anywhere in the world cannot hold the upper hand when negotiating away from their home city by finding an Executive Concierge. And this is especially the case in London, which is one of the most innovative cities in the world. Let’s take a look.

Apartment Not Hotel

Choose to spend your business visit in a serviced apartment during your stay in London rather than going to a hotel. Having an apartment is excellent for a number of reasons: it is private so you can fully relax and concentrate on your business, eating when you choose to, rather than being bound to hotel restaurant hours. It is also a wonderful thing to be able to invite your prospective business partners to ‘your place’ for a meal or a meeting – having ‘home advantage’ instantly gives you confidence and the ‘upper hand’ in your negotiations, especially if you choose a very luxurious apartment to rent short term in London.

And the more luxurious of these serviced apartments come with every benefit of privileged hotel living. Housekeeping services will come in and fully clean the apartment, concierge services will provide you with menus so you can choose from a range of á la carte dishes, which will be delivered by a discreet waiting service or via dumbwaiters, depending on the set up at your specific apartment. You can choose your level of care-taking, from none at all, when you take care of all your own needs to full-service: whichever you need to help you land the contract and seal a favourable deal.

Business Premises

And you don’t have to be held up by not having business premises: London has a plethora of business premises that are available to rent by the hour, the day or even the week. WeWorkeven allows you to set up office in their buildings for a week, say, and hire conference rooms by the hour so you are only paying for the time you are actually holding your meeting with your prospective clients or partners.

Chauffeur Services
Finally, if getting around London might be a problem for you – the Tube and buses are great, but can be confusing for first-time users – opt to hire a chauffeur-driven car for the duration of your visit. Not only will they unerringly take you to each appointment on time, but you won’t have to worry about finding a parking space in the packed middle of the city: the chauffeur can simply drop you off, returning when you let them know you are done – a simple and efficient way to erase a problem that could otherwise be very stressful and distracting.

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