23 April, 2024

Can you Use VPN And DNS At The Same Time?

VPN and DNS both perform different functions. Some VPN service provider company also offers DNS. Both VPN (Virtual Private Network) and DNS (Domain Name System) are useful for every internet user. But one question can come to your mind that, Can you use VPN and DNS at the same time? There are many benefits of using VPN and DNS on your device. Now you can read the full article and see why using VPN and DNS together is not possible.

Why is DNS not working with VPN?

DNS works with the help of the domain name while VPN plays the main role with the IP address. When you browse you enter the name of the site to visit. And the name of your site and information get visible to the web user of which site you have visited. But if you use the VPN then it does not show the hostname because it shows IP. But when you connected the IP with different servers of the VPN then it hides your real identity.

Do you need to change DNS When using VPN?

Yes, you need to change the DNS while using the virtual private network. The main issue is that DNS is working with the Domain name while VPN depends on the IP(Internet Protocol) address. So, if you use DNS with VPN then it requires the same web address of the VPN and DNS to work. So, you need to change the DNS or VPN server with the same web address.

Which VPN companies give proof of DNS leak test?

We have brought out the best 2 VPN companies which give the DNS leak test. It helps the users to enjoy both services at one time.


ExpressVPN gives full proof of the DNS leak test. With the help of the ExpressVPN DNS leak test, you can take help from the ExpressVPN service provider. The DNS of ExpressVPN is secure and run privately. It also encrypts every information of the traffic between your device and the DNS servers.

Crack the best deal on the use of ExpressVPN Coupon Code while purchasing VPN with the DNS leak test. ExpressVPN also offering the Student Scholarship so, have a look at the scheme with privacy.

CyberGhost VPN

Cyberghost virtual private network is a popular online security provider company. It also gives the DNS leak test to all the CyberGhost VPN users. It helps to protect your information from leakage to a third party. It keeps privacy on your even you don’t use the VPN while using the CyberGhost VPN. Enjoy online privacy as well as access to many sites at a reasonable price with CyberGhost Promo Code.

Why VPN is secure from DNS?

You can change the IP address with the servers of the VPN country which you choose. So, when you browse or stream then it shows the IP address of those servers by which you have connected your device. But, DNS shows the name of the site which is easy to hack by the cyberthreats. It is hard to work VPN and DNS at the same time. Otherwise, you can enjoy streaming and browsing without any buffering.

What is the main work of both DNS and VPN?


The use of DNS(Domain Name System) means helps to stream. It gives fast internet speed during streaming or browsing. You can easily upload and download files through the internet in less time. You can also stream or browse those sites which are available in your area or country.


As the name described virtual private network means offers privacy on online activities. VPN also gives you access even on those sites which are banned in your country. This app is also helpful to stream as well as browse anonymously. But you can face buffering issues while streaming videos.

What are the benefits of using DNS with VPN?

  • Using DNS and VPN together help to do online activities without buffering
  • When you use DNS and VPN at the same time then, you can stream or browse privately

What are the effects of DNS without VPN?

  • VPN gets disconnect if you use the DNS on your device
  • The use of DNS affects the online privacy of the software
  • Using DNS without VPN can allow the virus to enter and affects your personal information of the device.

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