24 June, 2024

Capalona Introduces New Business Loan Comparison Engine for SMEs to Compare Finance Options

Capalona.co.uk is thrilled to unveil its enhanced business loan comparison service, featuring example costs, rates, monthly loan expenses, and total repayable amounts for each lender’s products. Additionally, borrowers can access more detailed information through expandable panels, empowering them to make well-informed decisions about their funding options.

These updates streamline the process for business owners, eliminating the need to consult with a broker. Instead, Capalona offers a self-serve tool that instantly presents business finance options, enabling users to compare and select the most suitable loan products within seconds.

Customers can now effortlessly view and compare rates from various lenders and products, enhancing their experience when searching for and applying for business funding online.

The business loan comparison service is completely free to use, with no obligation to accept any loan offers.

Based in North Wales, Capalona collaborates with a wide range of reputable UK lenders, utilising Open Banking to assess borrower eligibility and provide real-time lending options. They integrate with both bank and non-bank lenders, offering diverse financing solutions such as business loans, revolving credit facilities, invoice finance, merchant cash advances, and more.

Capalona’s online business finance marketplace is accessible to business owners at no cost, catering to startups as well as established SMEs. Users can explore funding options and example rates from multiple lenders through the Capalona platform.

Rich Wilcock, Co-Founder at Capalona, shared his insight, stating, “Navigating the business finance landscape can be challenging; I’ve experienced it myself. Searching for business finance is often overwhelming for business owners, which is why we created Capalona. We aimed to provide a solution that simplifies the process of finding and comparing business finance options. Our platform guides business owners to suitable lenders within minutes.”

Simon Moorcroft, Co-Founder at Capalona, discussed the future direction of the company, stating, “As we continue to evolve our comparison platform, our next step is to embrace real-time data through Open Banking and Open Accounting. By harnessing this technology, we can offer not only real-time offers to our customers but also benefit our lenders. Combining indicative rates from lenders with our user-friendly interface, we empower business owners to make well-informed financial decisions with ease.”

Empowering business owners to make informed financial decisions effortlessly, Jamie Moorcroft, Co-Founder at Capalona, added, “Through the combination of indicative rates and our user-friendly interface, we enable business owners to make informed financial decisions with ease.”

Experience the convenience and simplicity of Capalona’s new business loan comparison engine, providing SMEs with a comprehensive platform to compare finance options and find the best funding solution for their business.


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