20 July, 2024

Charging and Service Orchestration Made Effortless with Symphonica and Totogi

The telecommunications industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards cloud adoption, with many telecom companies migrating their billing, charging, and OSS systems to the cloud. This transition aims to enhance scalability and flexibility, while also driving automation to reduce errors and improve efficiency in billing processes.

The emergence of 5G and Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) has further accelerated the need for flexible and scalable billing and charging systems to support these advanced services. Real-time charging capabilities have become crucial as services grow more complex, ensuring accurate billing, minimising revenue leakage, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Data analytics is also playing a significant role in informing billing and charging strategies.

The powerful combination of Symphonica and Totogi presents a comprehensive solution for network operators looking to deliver NaaS services. With Symphonica handling service orchestration and automation and Totogi managing charging, operators can efficiently and profitably deliver services while offering an exceptional customer experience.

Key Advantages of Symphonica and Totogi:

  1. Efficient Service Orchestration and Activation: Symphonica empowers CSPs to efficiently manage and deploy services across multiple networks, reducing time-to-market and operational costs.
  2. Accurate and Flexible Charging: Totogi’s Charging-as-a-Service platform provides robust, real-time charging and billing capabilities, allowing CSPs to implement flexible charging models tailored to their customers’ needs, maximising revenue and customer satisfaction.
  3. Seamless Integration with Existing Systems: Both Symphonica and Totogi seamlessly integrate with existing B/OSS systems via TMF/Open APIs, simplifying the deployment and management of services across multiple networks.
  4. Scalability: As cloud-native solutions, Symphonica and Totogi can easily scale to handle large volumes of data and transactions, crucial in a high-volume services and customer environment.
  5. Automation: Symphonica’s codeless automation capabilities streamline service deployment and management, reducing operational complexity and costs for operators.
  6. Improved Customer Experience: The combination of Symphonica’s service orchestration and Totogi’s flexible charging capabilities leads to a better customer experience, with faster service deployment and more accurate billing.
  7. Operational Efficiency: By automating service deployment and management tasks, Symphonica and Totogi help operators achieve greater operational efficiency, freeing up resources for other crucial tasks.
  8. Cost Savings: With reduced time and resources required for service deployment and management, and accurate and flexible charging, Symphonica and Totogi contribute to significant cost savings for CSPs.

Both solutions are conveniently available on the AWS Marketplace, with Totogi and Intraway offering comprehensive support to set up and try the system.

Schedule a demo today and experience the effortless charging and service orchestration capabilities brought to you by Symphonica and Totogi, empowering your telecom business for success in the dynamic industry landscape. Intraway on AWS is your gateway to transformative solutions for your telecom business.

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