13 April, 2024

Chloe Amour, Single by Choice, Flooded with Marriage Offers and Extravagant Gifts

Chloe Amour, the illustrious model boasting over 2.1 million followers on social media, has reported an onslaught of marriage proposals and opulent gifts from zealous fans, despite her clear intent to stay single.

Previously, Chloe caught the public’s eye by setting forth her expectations for prospective partners, demanding a minimum yearly income of $206,000 USD. Additionally, her commitment to staying fit through bare yoga practices has been widely noted.

The 32-year-old, renowned for her openness and assertive demeanour, discussed the unending pursuit by infatuated individuals, especially with the advent of Valentine’s Day.

“I receive loads of gifts from men – the norm is things from my Amazon wish list like flowers, balloons, and candy,” Chloe conveyed from her Las Vegas home. “But I’ve also had them shower me with shoes, lingerie, and fine jewelry.”

Further, she noted, “If I know the man or have met him in person, then a shopping spree is in order. Last year, I got given a matching Versace necklace and bracelet, a Burberry Poncho, a suede YSL bag, some tops [trainers] from Saks Fifth Ave, and two dozen roses. The best I could ever receive would be the deed to a house.”

Not just tangible gifts, Chloe’s inbox is also brimming with messages from admirers eager to marry her or implore her to accept their virginity. Despite such fervour, Chloe’s determination to remain single is firm.

“I’m enjoying being single so I just want to share the holiday [Valentine’s Day] with my fans,” Chloe clarified. “The last time I went on a date was in July last year. After that, I just decided to only focus on myself.”

Though touched by the affection, Chloe has stringent standards for any prospective partners, prioritising kindness, open-mindedness, and independence. Nevertheless, she confirms her satisfaction with being single for the present.

“Maybe if my dream man showed up, I’d consider dating again but for now, I’m content being single,” Chloe remarked.


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