14 July, 2024

Coverings 2022: Top Tile Trends for 2022

Coverings is the largest and well-regarded ceramic tile and natural stone conference that’s held in the United States and North America every year. This conference attracts distributors, retailers, contractors, fabricators, architectural and interior design professionals, journalists, builders, and many others from the industry – making it one of the most significant events to attend in the vital tile and stone industry. Every year, there are trends forecasted, creative and successful designs are showcased – whether it is creative kitchen backsplash tile or safe bathroom tiling trends, expert panels and so on. Here’s a look at the top tile trends for 2022 as per Coverings this year.

Textures Bring Touchability To Trends

When it comes to tiles, textures play a huge role on the overall look. This aspect makes the tiles look like they are handmade or are organic – something that a seamless and flat textured tile might not look like. This adds to the touchability factor of the tiles and makes you want to touch and understand the aesthetic of the tiles. Touchability is the experience why these textures are either actually made by hand or manufactured using machines to resemble handmade tiles. Three of the textures that works pretty well in this segment include:

  1. Handmade Tile Looks
  2. Plaster Looks
  3. Stone Looks

Luxury Trends On-Call

Since the pandemic hit us globally, spending time indoors became the new normal. Whether it’s a spa-like experience right from the comfort of your home or a luxurious hotel-like bedroom experience, the 2022 tile trends are all about luxury. The ability to create an environment that fits your expectations and requirements and that matches your own personal style is all it is about! You can achieve an uber opulent look by opting for:

  1. Floor-to-ceiling Marble Looks
  2. Shaped Scales

Colours Connecting Us To Nature

Natural colour palettes are ruling the roost in the 2022 tile trends. Even though you cannot go out to the beaches, forests, or deserts, you can bring them to the confines of your home – via tiles! Natural shades and multiple hues of blue, beige, white, green are the basic natural colours that are selling like hot cakes! If you want to bring in the warmth of nature to your home you can opt for:

  1. Earthy Jewel Tones
  2. Warm Stone Looks

Baroque Tile Trend

The baroque style tiles were quite a rage in the 17th century. It gives a very European and rustic feel to any space. It beams with exuberance, luxury, and attention to detail – all that is coming back in trend in 2022. The heavy dramatic veining pattern makes it stand out and gives the space a look of grandeur.

Bas Relief Tile Trend

One of the many tile trends that Coverings 2022 conference experienced is the Bas relief tile trend. It is nothing but the rounded edges, like that of a stone and low relief, adding depth and more structure to the tile. It is more like the machine-made and created 3D textures that are so on trend right now.

Captivating Colours Tile Trend

There are three colour palettes that are dominating the colour scheme right now:

  1. Celebrating Ceramics In Colour: This palette is all about celebrating the rich history and roots of ceramic tiles. The glazed surface, the weathered edges, and some of the bestselling traditional patterns with colours like greens, peachy undertones, terracotta hues and sandy beiges to name a few.
  2. Earthy Jewel Tones: Thanks to staying put all the time, the need to stay in a more natural and easy-going surrounding is the need of the hour. Naturally, earthy jewel tones like aquamarine blues, amber, emerald, and brick are some colours that are topping the charts for 2022.
  3. Pastels: Pastels need no season and even if they do, they end up being the showstoppers wherever they are used. The light and subtle effect of the colours exhibit romanticism and understatement. Hence, many manufacturers are resorting to colours like lavender, pista green, rose, mint and sky blue.

Crisp & Clean Tile Trend

A simple clean tile pattern doesn’t go wrong. Textured patterns, smooth compositions, and minimalistic designs are what you are looking at in 2022.

Golden Arches Tile Trend

Geometric designs are always front and centre of trends. One that has found its niche in 2022’s design map is the arches and soft curves of solid shapes like rectangles. Changing the shapes, while keeping in their family, gives the tile a luxurious outlook.

Murals Tile Trend

If you are not a wallpaper person, there is some good news for you. Ceramic tiles are fast replacing the wallpapers with their eclectic designs and patterns – almost like those of wallpapers. Floral or geometric, plain or design-heavy, you have it all. Choose from historical patterns like chinoiserie, damask and toile to create a statement wall.

Plaster Looks Tile Trend

Textured walls are making a comeback (which is no surprise), with plaster looks being one of the popular trends. Textural appearance, light patterns, and colour variations gives you a very plaster-like look; this is the distinct difference between vitrified tiles and marble. To bring that artisanal touch to your walls, go for the plaster look tile trend.

Polarised Marble Tile Trend

Marble is known for being the go-to choice when the mood board is all about opulence, luxury and classic. However, this new polarised marble trend gives you a lot going on, keeping all those factors in place. It is a perfect amalgamation of texture, colour, finish and effects.

Shapes Scaled Tile Trend

Last year was all about oversized hexagons. Well this year, it is all about oversized shapes! Right from big triangles, rectangles, hexagons and even pocket-sized counterparts of the same shapes. Configured in brilliant patterns, they are a new twist to the traditional old shapes that have been ruling the roost for too long.

Warm Stones Tile Trend

Stone tiles are a great way to keep your ambience and aesthetic as close to nature as possible. They add the required texture and rustic effect to the space and are equally durable and long-lasting. Choose from your favourite colour palettes and get your dream house!

Coverings 2022 has outlined a lot of tile trends that can make your tile purchasing an exciting journey. Bookmark the ones you love the most and achieve the look of your dreams!

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