13 June, 2024

Creating New Patterns for Smarter Brains

Did you know that your brain patterns can create processes for generating your habits? Which means your brain can manufacture good habits that can be started anytime… You just need the willpower and motivation to create good habits and then believe in them.

In fact, a lot of successful people believe that their lives is the sum total of their habits whether good or bad. For example, let’s pretend pre-internet you go home from a hard day’s work, have a meal followed by a quiet downtime.

Back to now… We’re all ‘virtually’ connected with the internet and we’ve changed your habits either consciously or not. We check our smart phone, trawl through our social media platforms and read and write some emails and What’s App.

So what’s wrong with this? Well, many would argue that nothing wrong and that we’re actually activating our brain in a different ways. But, if we’re aiming for a smarter brain habits, maybe too much of the internet and social connecting isn’t the key to successful habits. Maybe more periods of quietness could help encourage brain pattern activity?

In other words, can silence create better mindful states rather than our social media accounts?

Do we need to be more mindful to be smarter?

Could we actually make more neurones that create patterns that interact and in turn create better and stronger habits through learning the practice of mindfulness? If this is the case, and much neuroscience research into the mind seems to be confirming this, what should we do?

Here are some tips:

  • Undertaking regular proper breathing techniques have been demonstrated (see the influential TED Talks science videos on YouTube) to be beneficial in many ways and can slow down our thinking process to help us to be more mindful of the things we do and habits we create…
  • Which in turn leads to recognising our thoughts and whether they’re focusing on the positive or negative aspects of our life …and the take action to do something about our thinking habits…
  • Then we can specifically plan uplifting engaging activities that we can enjoy doing such as walking and cycling exercises, baking nutritious meals, or taking time out to relax in a hot bath. Plus…
  • Try out new activities that will challenge you and spark off your brain neurones such as learning a new language or reading a new subject area.
  • Keeping a daily ‘new habit’ journal or recording your new habit achievements will programme you brain until they work positively for you.

So, in summary, you don’t have to cut out all internet activity and socialising online …after all, we do live in a ‘wired’ society, especially during Covid-19 lockdowns. However, it may also be a good idea to create new different habits by realising that it is up to you to change your brain through a variety of activities, and to know, understand and act on what habits to eliminate and what good habits to practice and form that will help you get smarter.

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