24 June, 2024

Creative Ways to Market Your Business

Marketing, business, it’s all highly competitive. With the amount of competition that’s out there, there’s almost no option but to think outside the box. But it all depends on what you’re advertising. You still want to find something that’s appropriate to you, your business, and its message.

The following are a number of creative ways to advertise for you to consider. Who knows, one of these methods could kick off your next marketing campaign.

Street Art

To promote a brand or product like a new movie or video game, some companies have taken to street art for advertising. Graffiti isn’t just for vandalism and marking territory, it’s art and graphic design that can be utilised beautifully.

Companies have skipped billboards and hanging giant posters in favour of heading straight to artists that can paint murals that are integrated into the streets and world around them. From walls on the sides of buildings to the high street pavement, companies have even livened up roads with McDonalds’ making a pedestrian crossing look like a box of fries.

There are many other uses of advertisers blending art into the real world. One such project saw an artist paint a water slide that connected to a real sewer pipe, adding a message about keeping the rivers clean.

This blend of art and advertising can be used by companies or independent artists, either to promote a product or a message.

3D Street Art

Going even further with graffiti and murals. Some artists available for hire have the ability to integrate their art further into the world, making it look 3D and giving an immersive experience.

This 3D street art almost becomes interactive, with artists using perspective trickery to do things like making a street look like it has cracked open, and you can see molten lava or something similar down below.

Unexpected advertising like this will get people taking pictures, playing around pretending they’re falling down the hole or interacting with the art. They’ll then start uploading the pictures to social media, therefore giving you free advertising. It’ll also expand your reach and pique the interest or curiosity of people to either come out and see the art or buy whatever your selling.

Video Brochures

Speaking of the unexpected, video brochure advertising can be one of the most versatile and simplest to pull off. Highly customisable, they can be used for any business on any occasion. A video brochure on its own is an empty slate, it’s up to what you want or need to put in there that matters.

Whereas some ways of advertising may only be appropriate for certain circumstances or businesses, with a video brochure, you can set the tone and what feels right.

A video brochure can be a fun, unexpected way to promote a product, but it can also be informative or used for educational purposes.

Video brochures have been used as training tools where other ways of training weren’t feasible. For example, to train workers underground where there was no internet signal, a preloaded video inserted into video brochures was handed out to give them instructions.

Having a Sense of Humour and the Unexpected

Adverts that are funny or subvert expectations often go down well, having a sense of humour can make a faceless corporation seem down to earth. Even life insurance companies like Dead Happy are rethinking their approach to make a serious topic less awkward, and more normalised to talk about.

Using pop culture, memes, social media; it can all help but you have to be on trend and aware of your audience or this can backfire and be seen as try-hard. It’s all about balance and self-awareness.

Videos Work Well

People like watching videos, on social media, videos are shown to attract people’s attention more than text or an image alone.

With an influx of overstimulation from social media and apps, it’s getting harder and harder to grab, and keep, people’s attention.

Something like a video brochure could demand the attention that simply sending a video to a phone won’t. Combining a video with an object. Think of it like a magic box or book, with a message inside for your customers.

Claire James


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