25 April, 2024

Developing the Right Content To Post On Social Media

It may take a number of attempts, but eventually you will need to find what is referred to as your social media ‘voice’ in order to develop a good content posting strategy on social media that is geared towards engaging with and then enticing your audience to interaction with you.

If you carry out your research on the various social media platforms you will see that images and other forms of visual elements such as videos and gifs tend to get a better engagement in the form of clicks, views, likes and retweets.

With that in mind, make sure that you include interesting images and moving gifs and emoticons, videos, short texts, and hashtags when appropriate in order to closely observe the overall impact that this will have on your audience’s engagement with your posts.

Once you have figured out the right kind of content for your audience, you then want to consider the time and the frequency of your posting. Timing is important because you will often want to post your content at the high traffic times on the social media platforms. However, the exact ‘best’ time to post may prove to be difficult to work out because you may have an audience from all over the world and therefore there may not be an exact sweet spot for posting.

Even though there have been countless studies to investigate on the best times for the highest traffic times, just remember that not all content and audiences are the same for each business and the best way to find out the optimum traffic times for your own content may well be through the trial and error method.

Start by making posts at all times of the day by using post scheduling tools available online and aim to collect the exact times and days that work best for your product and brand.

And just be aware that, even though it’s understandable that you would like to post your content as frequently as possible to ensure that your audience sees what you have to offer …you can actually create content overload as users begin to view your posts as just spamming them and as a result, you’ll get a negative attitude towards your social media content.

There are a few ground rules that you can use to ensure that your content does not become irksome and unwelcome:

  • Always consider your follower and remember the social ‘feed’ that you’re providing is not meant to be consumed by you …but by them.
  • Avoid becoming a ‘spammer’ by coming up with a schedule that is clever and trendy as opposed to one that is pushy.
  • Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t appreciate yourself by imagining how you would react and feel if you came across an identical post as your own.
  • Always aim to offer value for your audience rather than just flooding the timeline with lots of posts.

If you follow these tips then you should be in a position to develop great social media content to promote to your users by offering interesting, informative and educational content that will build up your followers through interaction whereby they start to engage with your posts and become aware of, and show interest in, your brand and products and services.

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