23 April, 2024

Discover Recovery at Ibiza Calm – A Unique Sanctuary for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Ibiza, often envisioned as a destination of sun-soaked shores and dynamic nightlife, surprisingly houses Ibiza Calm. This groundbreaking treatment centre for addiction and mental health is transforming the face of recovery on the island.

Regarded as Europe’s most bespoke treatment facility, Ibiza Calm offers an intimate and life-changing journey for those grappling with addiction and mental health challenges. The centre caters to a limited group of 12 clients at a time, providing a peaceful recovery environment in a Mediterranean-style setting.

The comprehensive treatments at Ibiza Calm range from detoxification to counselling, group psychotherapy, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. These approaches form a meticulously developed program, focusing on delivering top-tier care. Each treatment plan is customised to meet the individual’s specific needs, ensuring an effective and personal recovery journey.

Ibiza Calm recognises the multifaceted nature of addiction, offering flexible programs that address both substance-related issues, like alcohol and drug addiction, and behavioural addictions, including gambling and sex addiction. The centre’s skilled team of addiction experts and healthcare professionals provide crucial support and tools to help clients overcome addiction and sustain their recovery, using evidence-based therapies in a secure, nurturing environment.

The centre also places significant emphasis on mental health as a key component of overall wellness. The mental health treatment programs at Ibiza Calm are designed to aid, heal, and foster growth. Tailored plans, developed by experienced medical and mental health experts, include therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and various evidence-based techniques to treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, and burnout.

Innovative treatments like Equine Facilitated Therapy form an integral part of Ibiza Calm’s holistic approach. This therapy, involving therapeutic interactions with horses, has shown promising results in boosting emotional awareness, empathy, and personal development. The centre also employs Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) technology, an advanced, non-invasive method using magnetic fields to activate brain neurons, providing relief from depression and other mental health issues.

Set in 8 acres of secluded land, Ibiza Calm’s tranquil environment is pivotal to the healing and recovery process. The combination of this calm setting with the centre’s dedication to continuous care, including aftercare plans and online support sessions, establishes Ibiza Calm as a unique haven for those seeking recovery.

With a multilingual international team, 24/7 specialist medical care, and proximity to a local hospital, Ibiza Calm ensures top-tier care and accessibility for its diverse clientele. More than just a treatment facility, Ibiza Calm represents a transformative journey towards renewal in one of Europe’s most stunning locations.

For further information about Ibiza Calm’s innovative approach to addiction and mental health treatment, please visit www.ibizacalm.com or contact +34 664 44 34 33.


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