13 June, 2024

Doji Introduces a Smart Trade-In Program for Smartphone Shoppers to Save Money

Smartphone shoppers looking for cost-effective options when purchasing a new phone now have an exciting opportunity with Doji’s new trade-in program.

Doji, the UK’s leading marketplace for refurbished smartphones, is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative trade-in program. This program allows customers to unlock the value of their old phones and reduce the cost of purchasing a new smartphone from the Doji website.

“We are thrilled to introduce our customers to our new trade-in program,” said Fernando Montera, CEO of Doji. “It provides an excellent opportunity for savvy shoppers to make popular smartphones more affordable.”

Participating in the program is simple. Customers can visit the Doji website, select their desired new phone, and choose the Trade-in option. By following the provided instructions, customers can determine the value of their trade-in phone based on its model and condition.

“Our goal is to create a win-win situation for smartphone shoppers and Doji,” explained Montera. “By offering more ways to reduce the cost of acquiring the latest smartphones, we aim to encourage more people to transition from purchasing new devices and, in turn, reduce their carbon footprint.”

The Doji trade-in program exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing customers with convenient and cost-effective access to the latest smartphones. Through this initiative, Doji ensures that consumers receive fair market prices when buying and selling smartphones, while actively promoting more sustainable shopping practices.

For detailed information about the Doji trade-in program, please visit www.doji.com/trade-in.


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