20 July, 2024

Essential Online Tools to Help You Scale Your Business

As your business grows and there are many more customers to deal with, more sales, and more tasks and responsibilities to take care of, you need the right online tools to help you to scale up.

Here are some suggestions to help you build your business…

Customer Service Automation Tools

Bringing more customers into your growing business means you’ll spend more time on customer service. So, if you can automate some of the routine tasks, this will help to free you up your time for more important customer nurturing and building long-term relationships.

Some examples of these online tools include a good chat bot on your website, an interactive ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ), or CRM programs such as: AgileCRM: LiveAgent: HubSpot: and NetSuite.

Google Analytics…

You need to know how your business is growing by using tracking metrics and Google Analytics offers these metrics. Which means you can create customised reports that tell you exactly what’s working and what isn’t. Google Analytics is free, but there are also premium programs you can purchase if you want more options.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tools…

SEO are marketing tools that help you to manage your search engine optimisation all in one package through features such as keywords, analytics, insights, content management, research. Some good SEO tools include: SEMrush; MOZ; and Ahrefs.

Content Management System (CMS)…

These are important tools, because, as your business grows, you’ll have more and more  marketing content to create online for your website, individual landing pages, blog posts, and your social media content. A CMS helps you manage all of these and there are programs that offer additional tools to help including: WordPress, Wix; Squarespace; and Weebly.

Accounting Software…

You may also want to invest in good accounting software to help you balance your books because, although it’s an expertise not every business owner has or wants to get involved in, it does gets more complex as your business grows.

An accounting software program can help you and your accountant, and you can also hire someone in-house or outsource to do this task. Good accounting programs include: QuickBooks; FreshBooks; and Zoho.

Project Management Software…

In addition, if you have a team working with you, project management software can help keep you all on track. This is a software program that integrates all of your processes and systems and facilitates the communication among you and your team members to set up and hit your target goals and manage busy schedules. Software project programs include: Zoho; Airtable; Asana; and Wrike.

Social Media Management Platforms…

For most businesses online, social media has become an important part of growing and engaging with their customer market. However, it’s very hard work and time consuming to juggle handling all the multiple social media profiles at once.

Social media management programs now allow you to put everything onto one dashboard, and offer additional tools for your research, keyword optimisation, analytics and automation. Popular options include: Sprout Social; Hootsuite and Buffer.

An Email Autoresponder

An email autoresponder can more than just manage your list of potential and existing customers and send emails. Some of the other tasks you can do include:

  • Asking questions and running a survey to get valuable feedback from your list
  • Segmenting your subscribers down into different types of product and service offers for emailing to different smaller niche groups
  • Integrating with your social media sites to send your email subscribers to your platforms and also your social media followers to your email list for ongoing information and sales.

Research and decide on which of these tools are what you need to achieve your business goals and scale your business strategically step-by-step as part of your business growth plan.

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