13 June, 2024

Eternity Technologies Launches Groundbreaking QUASAR Gel Carbon Nano FT Batteries for Stationary Market

Eternity Technologies, a global leader in industrial battery manufacturing, announces the launch of its QUASAR Gel Carbon Nano Front Terminal Battery. This novel addition to the company’s premium reserve power battery range is set to redefine the benchmarks of the industry.

The QUASAR FT Battery range, with capacities ranging from 100Ah to 200Ah, merges VRLA Gel and Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) technologies. This results in superior cycle performance, ultra-fast recharge, exceptional durability in extreme temperatures, and PSOC flexibility, all in a single battery.

Thierry Tardivent, EVP Sales and Marketing at Eternity Technologies, stated, “Our goal was clear: to develop a high-capacity battery that is 99% recyclable with rock-solid durability, fast charge like Lithium but with unmatched safety, and better cycle performance compared to Pure Lead Batteries. Today, I am happy to announce that the team has successfully achieved our goal. We firmly believe that the QUASAR FT Range will offer a superior total cost of ownership and a reduced C02 footprint compared to others, suitable for a wide range of stationary applications such as Telecom, UPS, Railway systems and Micro grid Storage. The production of our QUASAR FT Range will take place at our state-of-the-art facility in the UAE with the shortest lead-time in the industry and will be readily available through our global distribution centers in the USA, Latin America, and Europe.”


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