21 May, 2024

Five Profitable Strategies To Rebrand Your Business Website In 2021

When a company expands the founders’ vision, it has to go through some challenges and crises that are only addressed with a rebranding business website. The brands when executed the practice properly, it simply takes the business to the highest levels.

Several popular brands have gone through with this practice and they are now flourishing in the industry to the great extent. However, rebranding has been a difficult task in the old times but advanced technologies have made it easy for us. But we cannot overlook the arising challenges with rebranding, too.

Today, rebranding has a different meaning. It means that a brand has to adapt to several controls and change its digital identity, which should accompany the company’s image transformation. If you don’t undergo these changes, the brand will definitely face some identity crisis.

Every company thinks of rebranding because it has to. No matter what the size and type of the brand are, rebranding is important for increasing its life.

The best thing is to rebrand the business website, which is now the face of the company. It is the first place where the customers come without stepping anywhere else. So, don’t you think it should be given special attention to get more views and conversions?

In this article, I will tell you some profitable tips to go with rebranding. It is just a matter of time and you will notice a big difference in the operations.

How To Rebrand a Business Website This Year?

Rebranding a business website means changing the site in several ways. This allows the marketer to focus on the elements that need an upgrade or a major change.

So, here you will see what things really need your attention to impress the target audience. You can also take inspiration from great businesses like the online B2B marketplace, and so on.

1.      Setup domain on hosting provider

In rebranding, the first step is to get a new domain with your hosting provider so that the issue is resolved. You can go to hostadvice to find the best hosting providers that offer domain registration. For this purpose, you need to create an entry in DNS and try changing the name of the servers around the world.

You have to perform cascading which automatically creates a new DNS entry with your hosting provider.

2.      Website cloning

If your website provides special information to the users, you have to create its copy first and then implement it as a new domain.

You can also go through some tutorials to make this happen. It is not that difficult, but this activity is important if you really wish to rebrand a business website.

Don’t forget to make the relevant entries in the webserver config. After this, you have to acquire and install SSL certificates for the new domain.

3.      Block search engines for some time

The next step is to embed a rule in your robots.txt file. It will help you prevent all the bots from indexing the new website.

If you omit this step, you will get into a minimal conventional search engine (SEO) traffic to the current website.

4.      Perform changes in code and content

Visit the website and find all cases of how to relate to an old brand. For example, you can specify it in several ways, like a nice brand, nicebrand.com, Nice BrandTM, NB (abbreviated), Nice Brand, etc.

Once you know what is wrong, use the script to find all copies of the old brand and replace them with the new brand equivalents in the content, meta description and page titles of the new website.

Then look for links to the domain name oldbrand.com in the source code of the site pages. For example, you might have internal links to pages tagged with nicebrand.com in the URL. It is recommended that you replace these links with “/“, which converts absolute URLs to relative URLs and saves you from headaches.

Then find and replace the old brand logo images with the new logo image. Make sure you create the file the same size as the old brand logo; otherwise, it will be even more difficult to change the code to a larger or smaller logo.

5.      Get the Google Search Console

Finally, you have to get access to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools for your new website domain.

If you fail to get access to Google Search Console to your old website domain, then it is the right time to get it for the new one.

This one is the fundamental tool that will help in relaunching the website with no issue. Not only this, but you will face ease in getting the relevant B2B trade leads.

Final Thoughts

These sums up the steps you need to follow for rebranding the business website in the digital age. You must have seen the most important practices to adopt this time. It will bring a lot of new opportunities to you while taking your brand to the next level beyond expectations. Done right, you can count on the fresh look of your organization to bear fruit.

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