25 April, 2024

Fold on a minute: why your business should consider buying its own paper folding machine

Every business has to create marketing and presentation materials at some point, either to reach out to customers or communicate with stakeholders.  Let’s just say that you’re holding a conference for at least 100 people – your heart may very well drop into your stomach at the very thought of hand-folding over 100 brochures for this meeting.

A paper folding machine is an often overlooked piece of equipment, but it can save you from spending hours doing a tedious, tiring job. These machines quickly get the job done without you having to fold one brochure, packet or letter yourself.

A paper folding machine can be an office lifesaver. Keep reading to find out how a paper folding machine can benefit your business.

Increase Efficiency

Saving time with a paper folding machine rather than relying on manual labour skyrockets company efficiency. A paper folding machine will allow your employees to be more efficient while providing the opportunity to focus on their day-to-day jobs and tasks. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that spending minutes instead of hours folding paper is a great time-saver.

Without a machine, a person would have to hand fold everything, put that aside, get the new piece of paper and repeat – an endless process. A machine can do all of that independently, without any extra steps. And, while people will have to take breaks and leave work, a machine can work continuously until the job is done.

As long as you maintain your paper folding machine, it will complete the task efficiently.

Save Money

The initial investment you make into a paper folding machine repays itself a hundred times over.

Tired of outsourcing all of your paper folding needs? Why struggle any longer? A paper folding machine means you save the money you would’ve spent when forced to go elsewhere for your brochure, packet and letter folding needs.

A folding machine will also increase the productivity and efficiency of the task – time is money and the faster a task is completed, the fewer resources you will waste. Wouldn’t it be nice to complete more projects with less notice than you would need if you were folding everything manually? Not only will you save money with a folding machine, you’ll make more than you would without a folding machine. Sounds like good business to us!

Create a better quality product

People can try their best, but it’s not physically possible for a human to fold every single report, letter or brochure perfectly each time. Differences are to be expected – you can’t recreate the same result each time.

A folding machine will be able to create perfect and consistent folds, leading to a product that isn’t only neat, but that also has a highly professional finish.

Showing up to a meeting or presentation with a perfectly folded pamphlet or brochure sends the message that you are a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing! Products looking crisp, clean and high-quality gives off a great impression.

Choose the right brand

Duplo International is a responsible brand, designed to take away the pain of folding large volumes of letters or invoices by hand. With their bespoke paper folding machine, your sheets will be speedily and properly folded, ready for quick and easy envelope inserting. Your business will love this machine – compact, flexible and easy-to-use… What more could you want?

When looking for a paper folding machine, user friendliness should be prioritised. With Duplo International, enjoy easy-to-use control panels, batch mode and reliable friction feeding. This machine alone can revolutionise the efficiency of your business – a more than worthy investment for the future.

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