25 May, 2024

How to Accept Change and Make It Work For Your Success In Business

Change, like time, is the one of the only constant factors in life. So why do we fear it so much? We often see change as something negative or risky, failing to see that it can also a great new opportunity. The fact of the matter is, there is no growth without change.

Why We Need to Embrace Change

We grow as humans through facing challenges both in life and in work …and handling them in creative ways. Whether it brings short-term advantages or disadvantages, over the long-term, each change is just one step in our development.

In addition to the opportunities change offers, it also presents a challenge to your business skills, knowledge and understanding. To be successful in business today, you must be flexible and adaptable. And too often your negative limiting beliefs brought from your past, tell you this is bad because it’s a shift away from how thing currently stand in your life and circumstances.

The reality is, however, how you actually meet and deal with these challenges can determine how you meet the next one. This is where you can draw up a list of positive successes that you’ll have from the past and use these to motivate you when you face the next obstacle.

Which means, embracing change and seeing it as something positive is essential for cultivating a success mindset in business.

Here are some specific techniques which you can use to help you make this positive shift for success in business (and in life)…

Make a list of your successes and the positive changes you have made…

Go back over the big changes you’ve faced in the past and look at how they impacted on you. And of course, you’ll remember some that you wish would never have happened. But most likely, there are some which ended up benefiting you in some way or another in the long term.

So, write down a list of the positive results of those changes and successes you’ve had and refer to this list whenever you find yourself facing a new challenge that you’re not sure you can overcome.

Predict the unexpected and prepare…

Sudden unexpected change can be a shock. So, take a proactive approach to get ahead of potential challenges you might face by setting aside regular time slots to strategise. Consider anything that might happen and develop a ‘Plan B’ to deal with each contingency. When there’s a big change, even something negative, you’ll then be able to face it prepared and with confidence.

Evict your inner negative critic…

And make sure you get rid of any negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that destroy your confidence… That inner critic who tells you what you can’t do it. When you’re facing a sudden change, it’s a perfect situation for this inner critic to come along and derail you.

This is a really bad habit and way of thinking and like any other habit, you can ‘reframe’ it as positive to break it and replace it with another. First, recognise when you’re doing this, then create some positive statements that you can use to combat it any negative thoughts by learning to rephrase your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Surround yourself with positive people…

How we feel about change is an essential part of our mindset. And because improve the way you think by surrounding yourself with people who are successful and have a business growth mindset and approach changing positively. You can then draw on their positivity for inspiration and change whenever you need to.

Always look at the bigger picture…

Change is usually just a bump in the road. Which means you might have a tough time this week, this month, or this quarter. But if you focus and look at the bigger picture, you will often see that this change opens the door to new opportunities. Try to foster this perspective the moment change strikes, and you’ll deal with it much more calmly.

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