14 July, 2024

How To Be Consistent To Meet Your Blogging Deadlines

Consistency is essential when running a high-quality blog and there are many ways to successfully manage your blogging schedule. And yet, every blog writer is different and each of us has their own style.

Here is a 4-step process that you can use involving some of the best practice for goal setting to keep you on track:

  1. Create a publishing schedule…

Start out by deciding how often and when you will publish and choose something that works for you. As a very general guideline, attempt to publish a post weekly. If you can keep on top of this schedule, you can then choose to publish twice per week. Then, when you start publishing regularly, review your metrics to see what posting schedule works best.

2. Set Specific Dates for Specific Posts…

If you already have a blog ‘idea’ list, assign a specific date to each. This can be your provisional schedule as it’s good to just have a schedule you can work. Then you can be flexible and switch posts to different dates if you feel another sequence of blogs is more appropriate.

3. Identify the Steps

You then can identify the actual steps that are necessary to write a single piece of blog content. It may be that you’re able to sit down and quickly write an excellent blog post on the day its to be published. On the other hand, you may decide to write a number of your posts at once in one busy afternoon to make posting easier.

Examples of steps might be:

  • Planning and research
  • Outlining your blog content
  • Rough draft writing of your blog
  • Editing
  • Publishing your blog post

You may find that it’s best to plan and outline one day, then write on the next day, and finally edit and post on the third day. Just decide what works best for you and if you’re unsure, decide on something, then see how it goes and adjust your steps later.

4. Put the Steps on Your Calendar

Finally, assign a specific date and time for each step. Then look at your schedule and work backwards from the publishing day and put each step on your calendar.

For example, if you have decided on the three steps of planning, writing, and editing, your publishing schedule might look something like this:

  • Monday morning: Create your blog outline
  • Wednesday morning: Write your blog
  • Friday morning: Edit post and publish your blog post

With you enter each step consistently on your calendar, you’ll have a good blogging schedule where you never feel rushed and your have plenty of time to give each step the attention it deserves …and publish on schedule.

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