24 June, 2024

How To Boost Your Authority And Grow Your Followers By Engaging with Your Facebook Group

If you’re selling either e-commerce or information products and services online, you will need to create promotional posts for them on your Facebook Group and have descriptions of the offers which your company has to offer.

But remember, social media is all about socialising first and foremost. In general, you should remember that the ratio of informational and interesting posts, in comparison with your company promotions, should be at a ratio of 10 to 1, otherwise your Facebook Group might just treat them as spam.

There are a number of ways to engage with your Facebook Group.

For example, Facebook has moved towards memes recently …short bite sized pieces of communication that can then be turned into eye-catching images.

However, although these are attractive to the viewer, there are no words in the post, especially ‘keywords’ that would give your potential audience who may be interested in your niche, a good chance to find you. So, if you use memes, create them yourself by uploading and add attention grabbing text related to your customer market niche.

Below are some seven ways that you can create content to boost your authority and grow your followers by engaging with your facebook group…

  1. Video: Facebook have predicted that all Facebook posts will be video by the end of 2020. The might be stretching the point somewhat, but it does show the importance they are placing on Video as their prime social media posting. Your videos should be short, get attention and be interesting. And use keywords in your title with your description and tags when you upload your video to Facebook. Remember that you are allowed to upload an introductory slide called a custom thumbnail, which will show up before your video play button is pressed. Again, make sure that you have a ‘keyword’ and gives your audience a good idea of what they can expect to get from watching your video.
  2. Live video: Live video is becoming very popular on Facebook, which means you can announce an “Event” on your Facebook Group page and offer a discussion online and then broadcast it, or create a webinar.
  3. Events: The reason why Facebook “Events” are important is because they can help encourage your audience to participate within your Facebook Group. For example, you can schedule activities such as a discussion, or an interactive Q & A session that your target audience will appreciate most to generate interaction and then tell others to join.
  4. Images: Creating high-quality images are important for you Facebook marketing, and once again, add keywords in the description and tag with keywords as appropriate.
  5. Files: You can also share files with members of your group which add to your authority such as useful tips, solutions to their challenges, or useful free information like a checklist or cheat sheet.
  6. Sticky posts: You can publish “sticky posts” in your group but place the best one of these at the top. This spot can also be used to showcase any special offers and is a good place to put the rules of the group, so people are clear about them.
  7. Polls – Facebook “polls” are another great way to get feedback and learn more about your target audience and what they really want and need from you. Just be careful over time that the top popular result isn’t being seen as the one that people think they should add to.

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