25 April, 2024

How To Develop A Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Focusing on video as a marketing strategy in your business shouldn’t be a task undertaken lightly. Like all business strategies, it helps to have a plan. When you have a solid video plan in place, you’ll feel much more confident in the reason why you produce videos for your business and you’ll find it easier to create the right videos.

Here are a five questions that can help you create your own business video marketing strategy…

Firstly, decide what your specific business goal is for video…

This is a really important question to ask when you’re creating a video marketing strategy because you need to consider exactly what you want your visitors to do after watching your video such as: Do you want them to subscribe to your mailing list? Do you want to raise your brand awareness? Do you want them to hire you to design a website? Do you want them to buy your product and service?

So, remember that your goal for your video needs to be clear and precise. Which means you don’t want to create a video with several different purposes like raising brand awareness, selling your product, and growing your social media platform… Because with all of these three different goals for the same video, you’re likely to confuse your viewers. Instead, just pick one goal per video and really focus on that one.

Asking open and smart questions before you get started with video marketing can save you lots and lots of time, energy and frustration. By planning out your strategy in advance, your video marketing is more likely to have a greater chance of success.

Secondly, decide who your audience is going to be…

You may already have an idea who your buyers are, and yet you need to get real clarity on your ideal customer before you start video marketing. Otherwise, you may be trying to appeal to the wrong audience and you risk wasting your time and money.

For instance, don’t think the user of your product is also the buyer. They may or may not be. For example if you’re selling to parents in the children’s clothes or food market or IT software into businesses it may well be a technical purchasing manger who you’re selling to. And if you are selling to the end user, make sure you’re ver clear about, not just the features and benefits, but also what your means to them, i.e., the results they will get after they use your product and service.

Thirdly, align your videos with your brand…

When you decide on your video marketing strategy make sure your brand as your videos will be representing your business to your viewers. This also means created a tone, style and image that match your brand and it’s important that lighting, colours and the content fit with your overall brand image.

Fourthly, check out what your competitors are doing…

By researching and studying what your competitors are doing can bring you insight and for what your target audience actually needs and wants. For example, check out the timings of their videos and how often they are posting. Never copy your competitors, but look to see what videos they’re creating to prompt your inspiration and your own unique design thoughts and then bring something valuable to the market that your competitors don’t.

Lastly, check how your videos bring potential customers into your world…

Before creating your video, always figure out how it fits into your overall customer marketing and sales journey with you. For example, a you design for existing customers to join a higher end premium product will be very different to a video that you’re creating to target new prospects to join your mailing list or to purchase a low priced intro product.

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