29 May, 2024

How To Identify Your Social Media Networking Goals

The best place to start to work out your Social Media Networking Goals is to sit down and plan out why you want to network online and the benefits you want to achieve by identifying your primary networking business objectives.

That’s because social media has become a huge online space with so many different social media platforms each having their own individual design, approach and method. Which means it’s easy to get bogged down in the amount of information and confused by which ones you should use …and ultimately lose sight of your purpose for using particular sites.

The point here is …you can’t create an effective Social Media Networking Plan when you don’t know which sites you’re going to use effectively and what your online marketing strategy is going to do for your business. So, decide on your Social Media Networking Plan with your goals aligned with your overall business strategy. You can then clarify which sites to use and focus your efforts to make the most of your time, budget and resources.

Different Types of Social Media Networking Goals

Here are some typical goals for building relationships online…

  • Number of potential customers
  • Number of influencers in your market who you can connect with
  • Number of affiliates to can connect to
  • Number of potential business partners
  • Outsourcing / hiring people resources
  • How you will connect with colleagues
  • Number of referral sources and networking groups

Examples of Goals

The important aspect about your Social Media Networking goals is that they should align with your long-term business financial goals and your marketing strategy and tactics which will assist you to implement these targets in your chosen customer markets. Which means you’re using each different niche market opportunity to advance towards where you want to in your business at some point in the future.

Here are some examples…

  • Research and begin build long-term relationships with potential customers
  • Search out and develop key affiliate relationships who will promote your product online
  • Look for new joint venture and business partner opportunities
  • Connect with influences and experts in your market or similar types of markets who will raise your profile and status
  • Expand your own market reputation as a go-to expert
  • Learn more about your ideal customers’ needs and wants and what these mean to them
  • Outsource / hire and build a team
  • Budget for your costs and resources, including time
  • Learn about different market niches that you can connect into with who have related goals

These examples are a few ideas to stimulate your thinking for setting your goals. And you need to always remember that it’s important to be strategic about your Social Media Networking Plan. Whatever your own specific business goals, make sure you avoid overwhelm and falling into the big black hole online. Instead, be clear and  intentional about the results you want to achieve over the next month, your next financial year and the years ahead.

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