13 June, 2024

Innovative marketing strategies for healthcare apps in 2023

The U.S mHealth market shares “The global mHealth market size was valued at USD 50.7 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.0% from 2022 to 2030.“

The Healthcare industry is at an innovative stage where every day the advancement of technology and AI together are coming up with new concepts in healthcare.

The Healthcare industry is offering enormous new solutions for the users which are easily accessible, even from smartphones.

The digital health concept is highly rising, people prefer digital medical guidance rather than physically meeting the doctors for medical purposes.

In addition to this, the great demand for digital health has allowed hospitals and doctors to reach patients online and provide virtual services. There is a quest for multiple healthcare applications which claim to provide the best medical assistance or services.

But, how do I reach the right audience? The question remains. Even after having exceptional and innovative healthcare applications, due to a lack of public awareness, the app failed in the market. Thus, the right marketing strategy is essential to reach the audience.

There are ample new apps which pop up every other day with new and interesting features but later fail to win the audience due to a lack of a good marketing plan.

It is very necessary to come up with interesting ideas to introduce your app features to the users to stand out from the crowd.

What should be the healthcare app marketing strategy?

The best healthcare app marketing strategy is to bring creative and innovative ideas to reach the audience. The right online and offline efforts support you to reach the audience and also help in opening multiple channels and concepts to spread in the market.

Healthcare marketing can bring a huge difference in the growth of the app and also the positive growth for the users by making their lives simple with easy and accessible medical services.

Marketing can do magic for healthcare apps by making the user experience worthwhile. Giving several options to the users and deciding the best healthcare solution.

Now, how can we look forward to a result-oriented marketing strategy for a healthcare app?

By implementing the following ideas it can be possible to connect with the targeted audience effectively.

  1. Build a strong brand


The question is how will the audience choose you when there are several other apps providing the same features. It’s simple, you have to define your brand. Make it big and strong. Emphasize the brand by highlighting the special features.

Define your brand. What makes it unique? To gain the trust of the audience when it comes to health matters is a sensitive task. Perform the task with smart solutions, spread awareness and contribute to the health activities which will catch the users’ attention.

When you build a solid brand and promote it with widespread awareness and create interest amongst the user, the vision gets clear and future marketing costs will reduce, making way for you towards achieving your target.

  1. Classify patients’ online experience

Your website is the first and most important aspect of your brands’

recognition. The first impression of you as an organization is judged by the website. The website should be well organized, informative and optimized from a user’s perspective.

All important information like the contact info, location, and services should be clear and well designed. The most focus should be given to valuable content like patients’ experiences or case studies so that the user is convinced and feels connected to the application services.

  1. Make a video intro

An interactive video on how your app works and what the highlighting features will always attract the user. A simple and appealing video can capture great attention and lead the app to get a good number of downloads.

  1. Smooth interface

The marketing strategy for your healthcare app can be simple, just make sure the UX/UI of the app should be simple and must give a pleasant experience to the user.

The interface should be clean and clear with fewer complications. The easy steps defined for the user will only want him to use your app often.

  1. Smart support

As the healthcare app is launched and users begin to try it out there is the possibility that users will miss out on any feature or the functions that need to be explained.

Make sure you have a support system in the form of a chatbot or FAQ, video support, and voice assistant. Including these features will add uniqueness to your app.

All the queries of the user should be attended to in a timely manner that will define your sincerity and comprehensive approach towards the audience in a genuine way.

  1. SMM and SEO

You can promote your brand on social media by promoting solid campaigns by covering various digital channels like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

  • Create health hashtag trends and promote your app
  • Reach the audience through interactive methods
  • Add promotional activities and use social media platforms for dialogue and have valuable informative interaction with the audience
  • Be active on social media and post regularly the valuable content

Create a content marketing strategy, and introduce informative blogs that will interest the audience, it will generate more traffic and pull a great number of leads that will only help your healthcare app.


The healthcare software development market has analyzed that the mobile app in the healthcare sector will show business growth worth USD 180 billion by 2023-24.

There will be good synergy and marketing aesthetics between the AI, ML development team and application developers to introduce innovative programs in upcoming years.

You don’t have to spend huge amounts on marketing your healthcare app, just make sure you develop a connection with your target audience and their motive of getting valuable service is achieved.

With the actual case studies and patient experience columns, the trust factor which a company earns alone does all the magic. So, be genuine and be true to your vision.

The above-mentioned marketing strategies will definitely help the health tech companies to reach the target audience along with improving the ROI.

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