24 June, 2024

Jigsaw Conferences Ltd Showcases Commitment to Social Value in L&Q Food Bank Collaboration**

Jigsaw Conferences Ltd, a prominent global venue finder and corporate housing provider, has been recognized for its crucial contribution to the L&Q Food Bank programme in the Social Value Report 2022-23 by L&Q. This partnership exemplifies Jigsaw Conferences Ltd’s dedication to community support and addressing important social challenges.

In the previous year, Jigsaw Conferences Ltd played a key role in the L&Q’s Lewington Centre Food Bank initiative, providing essential support to families in need during the holiday period. This action is in line with Jigsaw’s continuous efforts to create substantial social value and give back to the community.

Through their collaboration with L&Q, Jigsaw Conferences Ltd sponsored food boxes for vulnerable residents forced from their homes, ensuring access to crucial nutrition in a time of great need.

The Lewington Food Bank, supported by Jigsaw Conferences Ltd, successfully aided 50 local families with larger food parcels. This contribution was especially meaningful amid the current cost of living crisis, offering not just food but also a message of solidarity.

Mandy Kaur from Jigsaw Conferences Ltd expressed, “We are deeply honoured to have played a part in such a vital community effort. Our collaboration with L&Q is a testament to what can be achieved when organisations come together to tackle the challenges faced by those in our communities.”

Jigsaw Conferences Ltd’s engagement with the Food Bank initiative is a reflection of the company’s broader commitment to social responsibility, demonstrating their core values and belief in the power of collective efforts.