13 June, 2024

Launch of Plates4Gifts – Timely Arrival for the Holiday Season Specialising in Bespoke Luxury Gifts

This festive period, Plates4Less has introduced a Gift Hub, a set of detailed guides aimed at assisting those interested in gifting private number plates. This hub features a search guide, a buying guide, a recipient’s guide, an FAQ section, and a special Christmas guide. The private number plate industry has witnessed a 30% growth in the last five years, with 40% of Plates4Less customers now choosing to gift these plates. Plates4Less provides an efficient and comprehensive service for those seeking meaningful, long-lasting gifts, ideal for the Christmas rush.

As the festive season is upon us, Plates4Less has launched the Plates4Gifts Guide. Tailored to ease the shopping experience, it is a valuable resource for those looking to discreetly select and buy the ideal number plate gift.

Private Plates as gifts have gained immense popularity in the UK, with 40% of Plates4Less’s customer base choosing them for special occasions.

Plates4Less offers a complimentary, instantly downloadable certificate, perfect for very last-minute gift needs. For advance planners, a presentation pack upgrade is available, which includes the certificate in a folder with a ribbon, with next-working-day delivery for orders before 2pm.

The Surge in Popularity of Personalised Plates

Antony Clark, Marketing Manager at Plates4Less, speaks on the rising trend of personalised number plates.

He expressed: “In the last five years, there’s been a marked 30% growth in the demand for private plates. As cars are becoming more expensive yet more reliable, many are opting for a new plate over a new car.

“People are attracted to private plates for their individuality, allowing them to customise their vehicles. Clients often seek plates for ease of recognition in parking lots or for increased protection against theft.”

Antony Clark, an expert in number plates, indicates that a significant portion of private plates are purchased as gifts.

He disclosed: “Around 40% of our customers now buy private number plates as gifts.”

Why Number Plates are Ideal Gifts

Antony remarked: “Gifts that are both thoughtful and opulent are in demand, and private plates meet these expectations. They are especially suitable for those who are traditionally challenging to buy for.”

Private Plates are long-lasting gifts that can be moved between vehicles, and in some cases, they can appreciate in value.

“With a shift away from experiences and travel gifts, our clients are now leaning towards tangible presents. The act of selecting and buying a private number plate itself is an enjoyable experience,” Antony further mentioned.

Selecting a Private Plate for Someone

To cater to the growing interest, Plates4Less has unveiled the Plates4Gifts Hub, providing comprehensive guidance throughout the buying process.

Antony noted: “Our intention is to support customers in their independent searches, while offering our expertise and assistance.”

The methodology, outlined in the Plates4Gifts Hub Search Guide, involves starting with an initial idea, such as a name or initials, and expanding it with additional meaningful elements, like significant numbers or dates.

Professional Tips

  1. Develop and Discuss a Shortlist
    • Create a list of potential plates, seeking advice from the recipient’s friends or family. If a surprise is not necessary, involve the recipient in selecting from your shortlist.
  2. If Considering Resale Value
    • For gifts with potential investment value, select options with wider appeal, such as names instead of initials, or plates with straightforward or repeating numbers.
  3. Purchase Now for Future Use
    • Unique registration marks from Plates4Less can be purchased for later gifting, even if the recipient doesn’t currently own a vehicle.

Plates4Less, a division of VRM Swansea, is a leading UK agency in private number plate transactions, with over 67 million registrations and a sophisticated search engine. Established in 1997, the company is renowned for its excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

Contrasting with its name, Plates4Less was involved in the most expensive private plate sale in the UK in 2022, exceeding £600,000.


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