20 July, 2024

Looking to buy a home in London? Here are the top 5 areas for buyers

The global financial capital- London has seen many people flocking into the city to settle here over the past decade. The strong transport links that interconnect the city makes commutation effortless for the residents. The widespread greenery is something to enjoy besides the pile of dreams in London. The booming economy and businesses have been another reason for the increase in population in the city. This increase has led to the demand for properties in every corner of London. Most people purchase a property rather than renting it with the support of Marylebone estate agents, as it happens to be an excellent means of investment. There are plenty of property options scattered across different neighbourhoods in many price ranges, types and sizes. Investing in the best property in London will take so much homework. This process can be accelerated with the help of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Kay & Co estate agents in London

When buying a property in London, there are many criteria to look into before finalizing the best property. The amenities available in the neighbourhood, distance from important places like schools and workplace and the location. London is an enormous city, and it leaves the buyers confused as to where to begin their house hunt. With all the required information handy, people can quickly get their hands on the right property that suits their preferences.


The region of Barking and Dagenham are the most inexpensive boroughs of London. The evolution of this region with improvement in the solid transport links to Central London and beyond is remarkable. Properties with breath-taking views of the river Thames are most preferred by the investors and can be availed with the help of Kings Cross estate agents. There is a line of museums, mudflats, parks and nature reserves where people can spend their weekend getaways. Barking is no short of amenities like independent shops, markets and schools, making it a complete place of residence for people. Besides the overground extensions of Barking riverside, the popular Thames clipper waterbus is another safe means of commutation. Chances of an upsurge in property prices can happen once the transport links are sorted out.


People can witness many developments in Old Kent Road for the past few years. The emergence of new and affordable households with a modern touch makes this the best place for living. The northern tube networks and railway stations from Old Kent Road connect different parts of London. These links will further improvise in the coming years with further extensions. Families can head over to this region and experience a balance of everything. Top schools, nearby pubs, restaurants and bars are a great perk for the residents. This place is filled with the newness and elegance of Georgian and Victorian homes. Periodic charm also exists in some properties that can be acquired with the assistance of Hyde Park estate agents.                                                                    


The most affordable and desired region in western London is undoubtedly Brentford. Flats overseeing the river Brent and Thames are the most popular property types in this region. Unlike other boroughs of London, Brentford is less populated and has minimum properties where the prices are above the collective average rates. The booming property market in Brentford has given rise to many leisure spaces, local cafes and resto-bars. Not to forget the popular parks- Gunnersbury and Syon, which are the residents’ favourite weekend hotspots. Trains from Brentford can reach Waterloo and other stations in about 30 minutes or less. 


A massive regeneration is happening in Woolwich, giving rise to more than 5000 new Berkeley households in the region. This borough is five miles away from Canary Wharf and a great choice of place to invest in properties like the waterfront flats. Along with the construction of new homes, leisure places like restaurants, cafes and bars are increasing in this neighbourhood. The desirability quotient of Woolwich has gone up in the past few months due to the elevation in transport links in this borough. A further renovation of the historic buildings in Woolwich worth £40 million will take place to improve the ambience of the region. In addition, new construction ventures like performance arenas, arts and cultural venues are being done to make Woolwich more ideal to live in.


Traditional homes are famous at Poplar with striking periodic architecture. This borough is located to the north of Canary Wharf, and other parts of London are easily accessible from here. Redevelopments of Chrisp Street markets, apartments and other households are taking place, making the neighbourhood more desirable for its residents. The continuous changes in Poplar are attracting many investors to capitalize on the properties in this area. Homes at Poplar are affordable compared to Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs and other nearby neighbourhoods.

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