13 June, 2024

MAKSYM BLAZHKUN – incredible success of a man who won the fight with his weaknesses and became a legend

The name of Maksym Blazhkun can be considered a synonym for success and achievements in many business fields. He has fulfilled his potential in many spheres. He is also a person who has brought into life dozens of successful business projects. Today he is a qualified expert in the spheres of business, finance, and IT technologies. Maxim is not scared of possible risks and established high standards. Such a brave attitude was achieved due to his wide knowledge of how to make a profit where others lose.

Who Maksym Blazhkun is and how to become a world-class top manager

Maksym Blazhkun was born on April 18, 1986, in Khmelnitskyi, Ukraine. After school graduation, Maksym has obtained several higher educations – theological, economic, and legal. Maksym has dedicated a lot of time to self-development and studies. This was quite reasonable as you cannot educate people; make their lives easier, without having the necessary knowledge inside your head. It is impossible to achieve success without two crucial things – development and constant onward movement. 

Maksym has tried and successed in a wide range of prolific projects. Over the years his startups have been a huge success not only in Ukraine but also in Europe and the US. A great contribution to his international recognition was made by his family who supported him along his way. Together with his wife Tatyana, Maksym realized his first business ideas. As Blazhkun himself told in interviews, there were many difficult moments in the life of his family, which brought them different kinds of problems – from financial, to relationship problems with loved ones. The state of permanent imbalance forced Maksym to change at least something in the surroundings and that gives freedom to his tiniest desires and ideas.

His close friends and his wife never had any doubts about Maksym`s craziest and most ambitious ideas. Maksym himself said more than once that he did not have a clear «formula for success». In order to succeed, you need to be determined, patient, and hazardous. Don’t be afraid to make decisions and go all the way to the end.

The best habits of Maksym Blazhkun are seeing things through to the end and taking responsibility.  Over the years, he has become not just a successful entrepreneur, but also an influential mentor, and top manager of the highest category. Maksym is a personality who attracts huge numbers of people all over the world, allowing them to listen to his motivational speeches in 8 languages. Today, Blazhkun is also one of the leading top managers of cryptocurrency exchange LocalTrade CBDO.

The Main Rule – Not To Stop

In order to successes, there should not be any limits in your imagination. Maksym has never set any boundaries to his thoughts and ideas. Being interested in various spheres of the business world, he realized lots of outstanding projects in IT, modern technologies, finances, exchanges, and cryptocurrency.

Maksym Blazhkin has launched quite a few startups for the development of payment systems. His global plans are to integrate cryptocurrency so that it can be withdrawn from ATMs, without problems to carry out payment operations anywhere in the world. Maksym strives for changing the world`s opinions about cryptocurrency ensuring its complete safety and reliability. That is why he actively promotes blockchain technology DeFi and the integration of fiat solutions into crypto wallets as part of his cooperation with LocalTrade. Such innovative actions will contribute to the extensive usage of cryptocurrency in the near future.

Cryptocurrency is not the only area of interest of this talented man. Blazhkun also aims at helping people build businesses in real estate, construction, education, agriculture, and even tourism. New projects are constantly popping up, being completely available both for professional businessmen and newcomers to the world of big money.

Following so many routes may appear suspicious and not trusted enough.  But the philosophy of Maksym is unique and different from the traditional one. Maksym Blazhkun is convinced that you should not concentrate on just one startup. You should always try something new, try to expand your business, and keep up with the times and trends.

The scheme is really simple and effective for businessmen as well for people around them. By launching 10 projects, 1 of them may turn out to be unprofitable, but useful for society. Then the other 9 will support such a project financially, closing the possible losses of the company. In this case, the timing is not so important. There is no need to wait for immediate response from each of your projects. Some projects pay for themselves in a couple of months, while some require 2 to 5 years. But there is still a definite time limit. If you do not get any profit within 18 months from the moment of its launching, it is advisable to change the approach to its realization or just not to limn on water and close it. Making difficult decisions and taking responsibility are essential principles that Maksym follows occupying the position of a top manager. The above-mentioned scheme was revealed by a talented manager in one of his interviews. Such a versatile approach allows making the most out of all his projects.

The scope of unique and valuable knowledge makes Maksym the source of inspiration for many businessmen throughout the globe. Therefore, in recent years Maksym Blazhkun has been actively engaged in education, conducting lectures, courses, cooperating with many projects as a qualified expert. His opinion and experience are widely appreciated by leading companies in the CIS countries, Europe, and the United States.

Maksym Blazhkun`s Philosophy Implemented In Cooperation With Others

One of the most important philosophic ideas that contribute to Maksym`s success is the obligatory appreciation of your partners and employees. It is important that the employees of his projects received shares in the company, which only increases their income later on. Blazhkun believes that the employees should be motivated to be ready to work hard with decent diligence and responsibility. He is not focused on putting himself above their employees, he is glad to help everyone in need. Many of Maksym’s partners spoke of him as a man who would support an idea, help solve problems, and in general, was often in the right place at the right time.

Blazhkun himself is convinced that a leader should always be part of the team. We live in the world full of unexpected events, that’s why it is important to acknowledge and overcome fears, transforming them into strengths than to act as a confident person. Maksym is sure that any pretense and deception sooner or later reveal itself, become obvious. That is why he never promises his partners more than they can actually get.

The Personality of Modern World – Professional With Original Ideas 

It seems that Maksym may invent millions of ideas for the implementation of different projects. As he himself said in his interviews, he was able to realize 1/10 of his original plans. Blazhkun follows the goal of remaining an important person in history. He constantly works on the improvement of his projects not to become extremely rich, but to make a difference in the business world. Taking into consideration his current success, he will definitely achieve his goal.

Being eager to share his knowledge, he becomes a participant in training forums with Bodo Schaefer and Richard Brandson. Maksym has no problems in communication with people – he knows 8 foreign languages and is ready to tell about his ideas and how they can change the world for the better in any of them.

Maksym Blazhkun can boast of various famous awards of country and international importance. Thus, in 2012, he became a laureate of the state award for the development of the economy in Ukraine. Blazhkun’s work has also been recognized in European countries, as well as in the USA.  Maksym has visited more than 118 countries on his account, and in many of them, he implemented certain start-ups. In 95% of cases, they turned out to be successful, bringing profit not only to the corporation but also to the businessman’s partners.

Maksym Blazhkun has a book under his belt, “My Success Spiral,” which was published in 2015. The book sold millions of copies in a short period of time, making it a bestseller.

Today, the top manager is focused on the cryptocurrency market, the implementation of blockchain technology, and the modernization of payment systems. And a lot has already been done on this path. Some projects are just waiting to happen, but under the guidance of a responsible top manager like Maksym, they are sure to be successful.

Maksym’s story is a success story of a man who believed in himself and went all the way for the realization of his ideas. It is an example to follow for those who still doubt whether it is worth the risk to make their dreams come true.


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