13 June, 2024

March Budget: FD Capital Advocates for Corporation Tax Reduction to 19%

In the lead-up to the UK’s March budget, FD Capital, a preeminent player in financial recruitment, is championing a reduction in both personal and corporate taxes, while critiquing the increments in Corporation tax. The agency insists on an immediate plan to decrease corporation tax to 19% or lower to prevent additional economic repercussions.

FD Capital posits that the government could achieve a 19% corporation tax rate in the forthcoming March 2023 budget by diminishing public expenditure and contracting the civil service workforce, aligning with proposals already put forth by the government before this year’s general election.

Regarded as the tax most injurious to economic vitality, corporation tax often imposes its burden on the company’s employees and the wider society. Advocates argue that reducing corporation tax would universally uplift the economy, from salary increases to enticing new international investments.

The reduction of corporation tax from 28% to 19% by 2018 saw a reversal with Rishi Sunak’s announcement as chancellor to elevate it to 25% from April 2023, rationalised by the financial strains experienced by the government during the pandemic. Liz Truss had entertained the idea of revoking this increment, which was later actualised by Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor in the Rishi Sunak-led administration in 2023.

The assumption that corporations suffer the most from heightened corporation taxes is erroneous, as contemporary research suggests that the adverse effects are shared between the proprietors of corporations and their lower-paid employees.

The UK’s aspiration for post-Brexit flourishing is dependent on its ability to be perceived as a premier global business environment. Nevertheless, the competitiveness of the UK’s corporation tax rate is under scrutiny, especially when compared to the Republic of Ireland’s more favourable rate of 12.5%.

FD Capital argues that reducing corporation tax to 19% would rejuvenate the UK economy by making it more competitive globally, thus promoting economic growth through boosted business morale and new investments.

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