26 May, 2024

Neuromarketing – Increase sales and keep visitors on your site

In today’s digital age, marketing is extremely important. People are constantly trying to advance and come up with strategies that will bring the greatest possible turnover for their company.

In this article, we will discuss one of the most modern and useful strategies called Neuromarketing, how to apply this strategy and we will talk about the benefits of this strategy.

What is Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing is a psychological marketing that focuses on the human subconscious. It also focuses on human emotions as they affect irrational shopping. Directly neuromarketing tests the impact of advertising and marketing stimuli on the human brain. In addition to functionality and price, this also includes the overall design, material or method of packaging. This affects the customer and his experience with the products. Applying neuromarketing can make the final design of the product emotionally affect the customer and thus become a conversion.

The next thing is the price. It is clear that people make decisions based on price, and neuromarketing can help in this direction as well. As an example, there is a study that proved that a person would rather buy a product for $59.99 than for $60.00.

Customer service is also very important. It is necessary to give the client a feeling that the customer service is still there for them, it is easy to contact them and it gives them a feeling of “safety” if anything happens.

Neuromarketing also helps by analyzing which phrases customers respond best to and estimating their expectations. As marketers, we are mainly interested in creating advertising and how to have them as successfully as possible. With the help of neuromarketing it is possible to find out what people react to the most and which products they are interested in.

If we want to use neuromarketing in practice, it is necessary to draw on proven sources and studies. For example, it is about finding out what the human brain responds the best, it can be the choice of colors, fonts, the feeling of security, the connection of human senses, advertising and simplicity.

How to apply Neuromarketing strategies

Now, here are 4 common strategies you can use to get better advertising results. You don’t have to have your own studies, just draw on proven sources.

  1. Explore where your customers are looking at – There are many studies you can find on the internet that are focused on eye-tracking. If you decide to apply this strategy you can create ads, graphics, websites to attract a huge audience and increase your conversions.
  2. Start using psychological mind tricks – Starting to use psychological mind tricks does not mean that you are misleading customers. As mentioned above, one example is that people would rather buy a product for $29.99 than for $30.00. This strategy can be applied not only to prices but also to services.
  3. Make your product easier to get – Recent studies have shown that companies who are offering “free trial” are more successful that companies who are trying to sell their subscription right from the start of the communication with the potential client. You need to let your customers try your services, make them feel more safe and you will gain not only potential customers but many leads for your future campaigns.
  4. Do not be afraid to show your emotions – smile more! – Neuromarketing is all about feelings. If you will smile more often, be more friendly and try to make your customers happy they will stay and you can re-sell to them more products. Always be kind, respectful and let them feel happy when communicating with your company.

Of course there are other strategies that you can use. Everything is about the planning. Do not forget to do A/B testing to figure out which strategy is best for you. After some time you will gain knowledge and skill to improve your current campaigns or start new, more successful campaigns.

Benefits of Neuromarketing

Now we will summarize the best benefits of neuromarketing.

Discover new and fresh viewpoints
Discover emotional and non-conscious responses
Use more measurements onto common scales
Notice fleeting reactions that people cannot remember
You can make people more happy, analyze their emotions
Do not forget to measure priming effects – you will achieve more views.
Get more sales, better brand awareness and defeat your competition.


As you may have read, neuromarketing is a really strong strategy for attracting people and gaining as many potential clients as possible. You can use these strategies anywhere, whether you advertise on Google, Facebook, have an e-shop or offer services. Neuromarketing strategies can also be used in “offline sales” where there is more personal communication and therefore if you set the right direction, it is easier to get a new customer. If you want to benefit from your smart shopping campaigns even more, you should try a CSS program.

We wish you good luck and many new conversions!


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