18 July, 2024

Next Health Expands Globally with Inaugural Franchise Agreement in UAE

Next Health, the revolutionary provider of accessible and personalised healthcare optimisation, is excited to unveil its groundbreaking expansion plan through the signing of its first multi-unit Area Development Agreement for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This significant agreement marks the official launch of Next Health’s highly anticipated international and domestic franchising and master franchising program.

In response to the growing global demand for tailored healthcare, Next Health offers health-optimisation and longevity treatments that were once exclusive to the privileged few. Now, these services are available to the masses in a convenient retail setting. By demystifying the medical experience and creating an aesthetically pleasing environment, Next Health empowers individuals to lead healthier and longer lives. Their state-of-the-art wellness tools include:

  • Cutting-edge medical services like stem cells and ozone therapy
  • A wide range of aesthetic treatments, including botox and fillers
  • Best-in-class health treatments and technology such as biomarker testing and NAD+

Next Health’s expansion plan ensures the swift accessibility of their advanced services to markets across the United States and around the world. The inaugural multi-unit development agreement has been signed with SAAS Healthcare Investment, a subsidiary of SAAS Holdings, led by visionary development group leader Ahmed Bin Mohammad Al Qassimi. SAAS Healthcare’s flagship Next Health location, set to open within SAAS Tower in Dubai’s Business Bay next year, will be the first-of-its-kind in the market. Two additional locations will follow in the UAE.

With the support of Next Health’s experienced team and proven business model, SAAS Healthcare and other franchising groups will receive full support in their scaling efforts to make these transformative services available to all.

Scott Svilich, COO of Next Health and an expert in franchise scaling from Xponential Fitness, the largest global franchisor of boutique fitness brands, shared his enthusiasm for the expansion plan: “Next Health’s franchising opportunity is unparalleled in the industry. By streamlining every element of health optimisation into one business with exceptional unit economics, we are seeking wellness-minded entrepreneurs who share our passion for revolutionising healthcare. Our partnership with SAAS Healthcare perfectly embodies these qualities, and we look forward to working together for years to come while serving the vast UAE market.”

This agreement aligns with the UAE National Innovation Strategy as Next Health introduces industry-disrupting innovations in healthcare and wellness technology, ultimately enhancing the health and lifestyle of both nationals and residents.

Ahmed, representing SAAS, expressed his commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles: “At SAAS, our mission is to facilitate the healthy lifestyles of the future today. Our customers trust us to invest in their long-term well-being. We believe in Next Health’s comprehensive offerings and industry-leading team, which is why we chose to move forward together as partners, unlike other franchising opportunities that only focused on one or two health optimisation pillars.”

With locations in Los Angeles, New York, and Maui, Next Health has established itself as a leader in the health optimisation industry, catering to both celebrities and professional athletes. By partnering with patients to optimise their health through data-driven treatment plans, Next Health providers leverage proprietary software to offer each patient a dashboard of their biomarkers, long-term wellness plan, and progress over time.

Next Health is now offering franchising opportunities in major markets across the United States and overseas, fulfilling its mission to empower people to achieve optimal vitality and longevity through a personalised and data-driven approach to healthcare.

To explore franchising opportunities, please visit Next Health Franchise or email franchise@next-health.com

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