22 April, 2024

Next Health Sets Sights on Austin, Texas, for Groundbreaking Wellness Expansion

Next Health, a vanguard in the health optimisation and longevity sector, is excited to announce its forthcoming expansion into the heart of Austin, Texas. This strategic venture will introduce two innovative Next Health locations within the city, under a multi-unit area development agreement. This initiative signifies a major leap in Next Health’s mission to revolutionise the wellness industry, building on its already impressive presence across eight states and three countries, and demonstrating a strong commitment to fulfilling the rising demand for proactive wellness solutions.

With its vibrant community and penchant for innovation, Austin emerges as the perfect locale for Next Health’s avant-garde wellness solutions. The city’s palpable excitement for Next Health’s debut is a testament to Austin’s progressive stance on health and wellness.

Spearheaded by COO Scott Svilich, the Austin expansion strategy is meticulously designed to meet the specific wellness needs of the local populace, while also tapping into Next Health’s exceptional unit economics. The partnership with Brian Smith, an esteemed entrepreneur known for catapulting Winc to the forefront of the US wine industry and garnering acclaim from Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, reinforces Next Health’s commitment to Austin. This collaboration enhances the allure of Next Health’s franchising opportunities, backed by a solid record of accomplishment.

COO Scott Svilich commented on the significance of the Austin expansion, stating, “Our expansion into Austin marks a significant milestone in Next Health’s journey. With a shared commitment to meeting the demand for longevity solutions in this vibrant city, we are confident that our partnership will further solidify our position as leaders in the wellness industry, providing unparalleled services to the community.” This initiative is set to significantly influence Austin’s wellness sector.

Next Health Founders, Dr. Darshan Shah (CEO) and Kevin Peake (President), shared their excitement about this new chapter, stating, “We are thrilled to bring Next Health to Austin and respond to the growing demand for advanced health solutions within the community. Witnessing the transformative impact of our services in Southern California, we are eager to extend our reach and empower individuals in Austin to achieve optimal health and well-being.”

With this strategic move into Austin, Next Health reaffirms its global leadership in customised healthcare. Known for its exemplary service and results-oriented approach, Next Health is prepared to make a meaningful impact on the health and wellness of the Austin community.

Next Health now offers franchising opportunities in premier markets across the United States and internationally. Interested parties are invited to explore these opportunities on the Next Health Franchise website or to reach out via email at franchise@next-health.com for further details.


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